4 Powerful Tips To Boost Your Pinterest Traffic

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Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, it’s time for a few power tips that will really help boost your Pinterest success!

Text on Images

One important thing to remember is that text will attract more clicks and re-pins than images alone. For this reason, it’s a good idea to put some text on all the images you pin for your own content. Remember to use the key words that we discussed previously. If you want an idea of the best way to place text on your images, just check out some of the most popular pins at any given time. Be sure to use bold colors that really pop and grab the attention of the user! Colorful text on a white background can work well, or lighter text on a colorful background can really stand out.

Image Size

Taller images always perform better on Pinterest than wider images, because taller images take up a lot more page real estate than wide images.

The ideal image size for Pinterest as of the time of this writing is 735 x 1100. That is 735 pixels wide and 1100 pixels tall. Importantly, if your image is not 1100 pixels tall, just try to make sure it is at least 735 pixels wide to keep the algorithms happy. Images are easy to alter using simple programs like ‘Paint’, where you can define the pixel size for both width and height.



Guest Boards

Guest boards are an extremely powerful way to expand your reach on Pinterest, and you should get yourself invited to as many quality boards in your niche as you can. Guest boards are pin boards that are run by one account but posted to by many accounts. You can create a guest board of your own by inviting others to post on it, but the most powerful part of guest boards is being invited to post on popular ones yourself.

Pingroupie is a great way to find group boards you can post to. You can search by category, keyword, etc.


Different group boards have different rules and different methods for getting invited, but most of them will give you the basics at the top. However, ‘pingroupie’ has its own criteria to be met before you can participate:

Minimum criteria for group boards: 5 collaborators AND 50 pins AND 250 followers.

Once accepted, just be sure to follow the specific rules or you WILL find yourself removed.


Auto Tools


With this easy-to-use platform you can gather an insane amount of Followers, accelerate your business on Pinterest for more Targeted Likes, Comments & Follows all on Auto-Pilot – It’s like having an employee working 24×7 on YOUR Pinterest Account, where you can sit back, relax & watch your Followers grow…for free.

Pinning, following, commenting, liking or unfollowing was never easier. Choose related tags on your dashboard, hit the “Start” button, close your browser & forget. Let pinpinterest.com work on Auto-Pilot and do all the hard work for you.

Pinpinterest.com runs on the Cloud. No need to install any software, Once you set it up, you can logout, close your browser or even turn off your pc, then just go on a long vacation and enjoy!

Setting up pinpinterest is very easy too. Firstly, sign up for your free account:


Then check you your email inbox, verify your Pinterest account, and then wait a few minutes


And then you’re in – ready to select your options and let your account grow and react on total auto-pilot…



Through Pinterest, you can manage and share everything that you find good, fascinating, and beautiful on the internet. Being at liberty to explore pin boards created by others, you can find inspiration and motivation to spark creative ideas, create new boards yourself and utilize one of the world’s largest Social Media platforms.

But most importantly, Pinterest is an extremely powerful tool for any marketer if used correctly and treated with respect, and hopefully by reading our step-by-step instructional blog posts along with our tips and tricks, you’ll be on your way to getting huge traffic with Pinterest in no time!


Please follow our boards if you have found these blog posts interesting, informative and of value – would be great to meet some fellow ‘pinners’







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  1. Ale says:

    Nice Article:) I also use this free online Pinterest marketing tool http://PinPinterest.com it runs on the cloud as an Auto Pilot -:)
    Been using it for 6 months now and it Boosted a whole lot the traffic to my website http://TravelMagma.com ))

    P.S your link to PinPinterest doesn’t work and take people to an error 404

  2. Monica says:

    Hi there 🙂 nice article…
    I’m using a tool for getting traffic on my Pinterest account..its called http://www.PinPinterest.com
    Its AutoPilot working algos get you pins, likes, comments, follows or even unfollows while you’re away doing your favorite chores. And while you’re away, you can start/stop the service with ease, or can even check the stats on the go as the mobile optimised website make the whole navigation experience great 😀

    It runs on the cloud and is totally free..definitely worth a try.

  3. Utkrisht Kashyap says:

    Nice post. Yes, among the ones you’ve listed, I found PinPinterest very good. You can choose what actions to do and hit start. PinPinterest will take care of the rest.

    Its safe, free and runs on-line

  4. Utkrisht Kashyap says:

    Nice post. Yes, among the ones you’ve listed, I found http://www.PinPinterest.com very good. You can choose what actions to do and hit start. PinPinterest will take care of the rest.

    Its safe, free and runs on-line

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