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I guess we all have a story to tell, in fact they say there’s a book in all of us, if only we had time to write it. Because life is busy, right? Things to do, people to see, places to go, families to raise and jobs to try and hang to – whether you want it or not… on that infernal treadmill of 9 to 5, earning the bucks to survive and pay the bills – and some months only just.

Because life, for the most of us, can be just plain frustrating. Deep down we know there is something better out there, more meaningful, more worthy of our hidden and undiscovered talents – if only we knew what they were in the first place!

So am I going to tell you of my ‘rags to riches’ story, how I found that secret Golden Nugget of Life and transformed my life with glittering overnight success – er, no, afraid not, because life just isn’t like that, unless you are born with the proverbial silver spoon (never seen one personally, even looked on eBay) or have won the lottery (a 1 in 14 million chance allegedly – no harm in trying I guess). But read on and I will share with you what has worked for me!

I have always had that entrepreneurial streak in me, willing to take a chance, give things a go, and with some success I might add. Not massive success, but enough to live a comfortable life and raise my family without too many worries.

Until a few years ago when it all went terribly wrong.

Having had several successful business’s in my time (contract cleaning company, a chain of sunbed / nail salons which were extremely lucrative and several ‘online’ ventures such as eBay and Shopify) I eventually made the ultimate sacrifice, sold all my business interests and holdings and moved to Barbados ‘lock, stock and barrel’ with my family having bought a small hotel on the South Coast – ah, living the dream!


And things were great for a few years, enjoying a fantastic way of life and soaking up the sun every day. Now don’t get me wrong, it was still hard work but it did allow me some free time and this is where I started ‘dabbling’ with the internet (when it worked that is, the Caribbean wasn’t exactly known for its super-highway fast connection high speed broadband – one service provider, dial up connection, take it or leave it – and not cheap either!)

But when the credit crunch came in 2008, it hit the Caribbean hard, and by the end of 2009 it was time to move on. I honestly do not believe the hotel would have survived another year, and luckily an investor was found and contracts exchanged. Now what I should have done at this stage was pack up and move on, but Barbados was in my blood by now, had made some great friends and associates, and even had my own radio show on Mix 96.9fm (been a disc jockey all my life on and off).

So I re-invested everything I had (and a little more) into my new venture – ‘KUDOS Lounge, Bar and Restaurant’ on the West Coast of Barbados, which, in retrospect, was a foolhardy move at the time considering the financial state of the World, let alone the Caribbean, with 30/40% less visitors travelling in my direction and tourism down to an all-time low. But I think my confidence from setting up other business’s from scratch prevailed, and although it started with great success it was not to last and by mid-2010 it was all but done – no income and the bank roll gone.

Hotel 2Hotel 3

So I was left with little choice but to return to the UK with just a few worldly possessions to my name, a real low point for me and wondering what on earth to do with no real capital behind me and the life as I knew it gone for good.

Time to pick myself and shake myself down – still had my trusty laptop, and already had some knowledge of Internet Marketing, and now I could actually get online So that’s where it all kick-started I guess, and possibly like you, have spent many hours and countless dollars researching different ideas and investing in ‘overnight success’ and ‘get rich quick’ formulas to get back on my feet. None of which worked I hasten to add, just lined the pockets of other marketers.

Until a year or so ago when I had a major breakthrough. And started to make a little money on line, then a little more until I reached a stage where the path I was following was truly working, and the crazy thing was it was actually the easiest and quickest route ever, I just had to find it.

And I guess it wasn’t rocket science, but did take a lot of trial, error, and yes, many mistakes to find a winning formula – but by following the best Mentors and training modules, applying self-discipline, following the RIGHT Facebook groups and ultimately applying the winning strategies already being used to attain online success by successful internet entrepreneurs, I started to make an online income – an income I then managed to scale up to a level where I could support myself and my son comfortably, with opportunities to travel, enjoy life once more and not worry about the next pay cheque.

Because by ‘rubbing shoulders’ with the right people, connecting with the successful groups and following the course of leaders who had already trodden the path to success, that familiarity of feeling alone online (which we have all had, trust me) evaporated – giving me clarity and direction, along with value and a structured path to follow – mapping out my route to triumph.

Now don’t get me wrong – I am still learning every day, and having been through the exact learning curve you are possibly embarking on now, learning the hard way and buying to many ‘shiny objects’ online to no avail. So almost out of the frustration that I went through, and the time and money I wasted trying to ‘get it right’, I decided to create this blog to help, assist, encourage and support all would be marketers and newbie entrepreneurs, and even if I help you make a start or guide you to get where I am today, it will be a ‘great day at the office’

So thanks for reading (if you haven’t dozed off?), keep in touch, email me, follow the blog posts and feel free to comment and shout out whenever you want – and remember, if I can help you in any way (really), please feel free to contact me directly at any time – I’m always online!

Mark Hartfree is an Author, prolific
Blog writer, World Traveller and Online
Entrepreneur who divides his time between
the UK, South America & the Costa Blanca
Coastline in Spain.
His spare time is taken up between his
children and volunteering for local charities.