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Build Your Following

Whilst this may seem in reverse order, first creating your squeeze page or blog and then looking for followers, it actually makes sense.

It’s far easier to establish a following within Twitter when you have something to offer, and if people visit your profile page and they don’t see that you’re an active member of the community, chances are they’ll be hesitant to follow you.

But when you have established a website, blog or squeeze page, and you have somewhere to ‘direct them to’, it gets a whole lot easier.

When building your following base, begin by incorporating your existing email contacts into Twitter. You’ll probably be surprised at just how many email contacts are already using Twitter and since they’ve already corresponded with you, they’ll be far more likely to begin following your updates.

The next step is to participate in Twitter based communities, including

WeFollow is a full featured Twitter directory, and you can quickly add your Twitter account information to the directory, as well as categorize your focus, so that your Twitter account is placed within a specific area of the site (based on your market). This makes it easy for people to find you, and begin following your tweets.

Another popular directory is found at and it features a search tool as well as the top 100 people being followed on Twitter, the Top 100 updaters (who updates their Twitter status frequently), the Top 100 followers and the Top 100 favorites.

So with this app you can check out the Top 100 Followers to find people who are willing to follow you, and the Top 100 Followed to find people that you would be interested in following.

Another popular Twitter directory can be found at:

Engage Your Audience

Now it’s time to start engaging with your audience, and when it comes to writing tweets, please don’t spend a lot of time worrying about whether it’s creative enough, witty enough, or interesting enough.

Once you have become an active member of the twitter community, you’ll find it easier to think of entertaining and useful tweets, and will also be able to respond to ongoing discussions from those you follow and who follow you.

For now, post whatever’s on your mind…. Working on a website? Post about it. Perhaps you’ve found an interesting website or news story, post about it.

The idea is to simply post enough so that you become comfortable with the Twitter system, and more importantly, so that your profile page shows activity before you start inviting people to follow you. It’s far important to ‘jump right in’ than sit on the side lines watching everyone else. Remember, out of the 1.3 billion accounts that have been created on Twitter, 44% of those people left without even sending a Tweet!

Once you’ve posted your first tweet, it’s time to start following people on twitter, so that you can build up your Twitter presence, and encourage people to follow you in return.

Don’t just sign up and blast out ads every few minutes expecting to achieve anything but annoying those on your list.Take the time to talk to people individually by directing messages to specific people, post useful information or links to free products and resources that people in your various niche markets would appreciate.

Just like any other Social Media platform you need to develop (and portray) a reputation on Twitter as being someone who is genuinely interested in helping others, whilst at the same time developing your Twitter presence.

A great thing about Twitter is the ability to quickly locate other people who are involved in your target market, or industry.For example, if you are looking to find people to interview who may be experienced in specific things, you can find many people who are involved in nearly every topic and subject online.

It’s like a rolodex of the entire online business industry, and as Twitter continues to grow, more and more people are jumping on board, so expect to see Twitter evolve and change to improve their system and add more interactive, productive features that will make it even easier for use to reach out to other users.

Posting subtle little updates about your current projects, websites, blogs and products is an easy way to keep people up to date on what you are doing, even to people who otherwise might not know who you are, or what you do.

The way you present your updates, and the frequency in which you do it, (avoiding the dreaded ‘Twitter spamming’ of course) is critical in staying current and helping your brand become memorable, and being noticed by the community.

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