FANTASTIC FACEBOOK HACKS – 9 Tips And Tricks To Get Your Posts On Top Of The News Feed…

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Facebook constantly makes changes to the algorithm that governs the way users see posts in their news feeds, making some more visible than others.

So take some tips from the pros. Here are nine ways to ensure that your posts are more visible;

1. Congratulations. Congrats. Happy Birthday – Facebook loves big life events like anniversaries, graduations, births and even career changes. The way Facebook sees it, people like to see those kinds of posts, and they allow the user to feel positive about themselves and their experience with Facebook, making the service feel more important to them. Congratulating someone or an event on your post is a sure-fire way to make sure your post is seen by many people.

2. Avoid asking friends or followers to like, share or comment on your post. An algorithm change Facebook made recently to weed out spam-like posts will now automatically lower those that beg for likes and shares. It also makes you look just plain desperate, which just makes you look sad.

3. On the other hands, get your friends or followers to like, share or comment on your post. While you shouldn’t ask for it, posting things your friends genuinely care about has the opposite effect. Posts that get several likes or comments can even appear in your friends’ news feeds more than once.

4. Use trending topics. This is quite the opposite of a natural or “organic” method of improving a Facebook post’s popularity, but Facebook really wants to be one of the ways you get your news. Adding information about a trending topic can be one way to improve a post’s visibility.
Facebook also cleverly points trending topics to the relevant people or groups, and not everyone will see the same topics. Tech geeks will see more technology stories and gossip queens more celebrity. So try to vary your posts and aim for interesting topics to appeal to a wide range of people.

5. Try to include links and URL#’s. Facebook’s algorithm considers posts with one or several links to web pages as indicative of someone who is sharing about a recent news story or has otherwise done a bit of research. Make sure you let Facebook turn you’re most visual or important link into a “preview,” which it automatically does when you copy and paste a website’s URL.

6. Avoid using angry or negative language. An experiment run by Facebook found that users who saw happy posts were more likely to share. The company has incorporated that experiment into its algorithm and currently makes posts that are obviously negative less visible. Again, try and maybe include a reference to a trending topic to brighten the mood.

7. Include multiple pictures in your post. Facebook thinks these kinds of posts are about a recent vacation or an important life event, and brings them to the top of your friends’ news feeds.

8. Time your post sometime between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. Most people are active at those times, with peaks right after 9 a.m.(when people arrive at work), 12 or 1 p.m. (lunchtime Facebook-time), 5 or 6 p.m. and before bed at 9 p.m. or later. Saturdays are also a popular time for Facebook use as well.

9. Keep using it and gain visibility from your momentum and actions. Facebook gives users (and brands / media outlets) more visibility if they use the service more often, as opposed to people who post infrequently. So make sure you post regularly – at least once or twice a day if not more.

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  1. Rich Wallace says:

    Awesome tips! One fact that I’ve been testing lately, which seems to be working a bit in gaining more traction is actually posting the links of where I’d like people to visit in the comments section. Thanks to Facebook’s algorithm changes that keep happening, newer pages and even some of the popular ones may not get the best exposure with direct links posted since Facebook’s goal is to keep people on Facebook. 🙂 I’ll post a brief description along with the featured image of a post, then state that the link can be found in the comments section and post the actual link there. Seems to also weed out those that truly do not want to click and I seem to get a better, more targeted click through rate.

    Thanks for sharing and take care!

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