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So Let’s Get Started With Pinterest

Think of Pinterest is like of like a virtual corkboard. You’ll probably remember these from your school days or seen them in offices, or you may even have on of your own for notes in the kitchen etc. If you haven’t, they’re typically framed rectangles of cork that you can use so as to push pins or thumbtacks into to affix things like notes and pictures in order to plan things or remind yourself of things.

Pinterest works the same way. You create “boards”, which are basically like folders on a computer, and then you “pin” pictures or videos (which can link to other websites) to those boards. For example, you might create a board called “Recipes” to which you might pin pictures of various dishes you’d like to try the recipes to.

Then as you browse through your board, you can see all of those pictures at a glance, which can help you decide quickly which one you’d like to try at any given time.

Think of Pinterest sort of like a visual bookmarking system. Pinterest makes it easier, because your bookmarks have photos representing them! It’s pure genius when you think about it, and users love it! But like all new programs on the Internet, Pinterest can be a little tricky for beginners. It’s actually very easy to use as far as basic functions, but from a marketing standpoint, most people don’t get it right.

In order to attract followers and not scare people away, it’s critical to set your profile up correctly. If you don’t get this right, you’re going to have a hard time attracting followers who aren’t spammers. So let’s go through some of the basic steps to put you on the right path from the outset.

Profile Setup

Here’s what you need for a proper profile:

  • Profile Picture –This should be either a genuine picture of yourself, or the actual logo of your business.
  • Name –Your name should not sound like a spammer. It should either be your real name, pen name, or business/website name, with a few keywords included. Keywords in your name help people find you on Pinterest when they’re looking for people to follow! You could use something like: SusanJackson–Food Blogger at 
  • Verified Website – If you’re running a website or blog, be sure toverify your website with Pinterest. This will help you set up Rich Pins (very important for maximizing traffic). This will give you a verified icon, and will help your image considerably.
  • About Me –This section is a good place to include a few keywords, but be sure it makes sense. Don’t treat it just like a #hashtag opportunity and make sure you write in formative sentences. This will appear on your profile, and some people will use it to decide whether or not to follow you.

As you create your profile, you must keep the two basic principles in mind. First, are you using keywords in each profile section? Keywords are critical. Second, would you personally follow your profile? If not, fix whatever you think might make you avoid your profile. Make it interesting, make it fresh and make it original, without constantly pushing your biz op or sales page. Always try to appear as if you’re either a normal Pinterest user or a business. (Yes, people WILL follow bloggers, companies, etc.) If a user even detects a hint of potential spammer, they won’t follow you.

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