How To Attract Followers Fast on Pinterest

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Finding Those Followers (and Following Others)

Finding Followers

Everyone wants to know how to get more followers on Pinterest, and it’s certainly no easy task. There’s no short cut I’m afraid, short of a ‘winning the lottery’ type miracle to get thousands of followers overnight, but you can certainly accomplish this within a few weeks if you put your mind to it.


To start with, obviously, you need to follow the instructions we have laid out for you to set up your profile and create a few boards. Add a handful of very interesting pins to each board so people can quickly see the type of content you’ll be pinning and that you aren’t a spammer.

Once your profile is complete and you have some interesting boards set up, start finding some key people in the same niche as you and adding them. All you have to do is follow them. Just be sure to check out their profile carefully to be sure they aren’t a spammer. If you follow a number of spammers, you’ll find it very hard to get followers or be allowed on group boards (which we will discuss later).

Pinterest will only allow you to follow a certain number of people each day. It’s a good idea to add about twenty people at a time, waiting a few hours between each batch so you don’t trigger a warning. You won’t get banned or anything, but you’ll be barred from adding more people for a while.

The easiest way to find people to follow is by searching for your keyword on Pinterest and hit the enter key. Then click the “Pinners” tab.


This will give you a list of pinners that Pinterest believes are most closely related to the keyword you entered. You can start following a few at a time. Some of them will follow you back, but don’t start to panic if some don’t – it’s just part of the process and there are thousands more users we can try.

The real power comes from their followers finding you in their list of followers. For this reason, it’s a great idea to be sure you’re also following all the most popular and powerful brands in your niche. For example, if you’re an internet marketing blogger, be sure you follow all the top internet marketers, because anyone who is searching for people to follow and looks at their list of followers will find you.

And here’s a great tip for you – every few weeks go to the profiles of the top power users that you are following, un-follow and then re-follow. Why? Because it keeps you at the top of the list of their followers, ensuring more new users find you all the time!

Whenever you get new followers, simply follow them back. That’s a quick and easy way to get your profile in front of as many potential followers as usual. But be careful! A lot of people who follow you will be spammers, and you never want to follow spammers! So take the time to view their board, and look for these signs;

  • A Profile that has no photo, or just a ‘stock’ photo of a model or similar.
  • An odd-sounding name that has no real meaning. If it sounds or looks strange, it probably is.
  • A linked ‘spambot’ Twitter account (which might even be suspended)
  • Most of the pins will link back to an Amazon affiliate account or similar
  • An account with numerous empty boards but one with an enormous amount of pins.

Here is an example of a legitimate account with authentic re-pinning taking place;


And here is an example of a repin profile on a spam pin – easy to spot!


Following Others

One interesting phenomenon seen on Pinterest and other social networking sites is the fact that most users will follow those users who follow them. Users rightly believe that their shared interest will be better served if information flows both ways.

So with that philosophy in mind, by pinning the right content to attract the hungry crowd you should be able to grow a large network of followers in practically no time at all. And obviously this is good for a business because there is no doubt that these followers are interested in the particular product or service being marketed. That makes them almost twice as likely to click through to the website being promoted and see what is being offered, generating more traffic to the website without the need for costly promotions and advertising.

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