Laser Targeted Steps To Create Hot Leads on Facebook

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1. What Is Facebook

The first step to long-term success on Facebook, is understanding the psychology of what Facebook is:

“Facebook is a Party”

Not just any party. Facebook is like social party. Your friends, family, and contacts are all there.

Traditional “Advertising” on Facebook can be likened to you wearing a LARGE Sandwich board around your neck that states “UNLIMITED INCOME OPPORTUNITY JOIN NOW” as you walk around a party with a clipboard expecting to fill out applications….

Needless to say this is an ineffective strategy.

On Facebook you must connect with your friends, asking them quality questions and engage them with content.

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Facebook is a Party

2. Select a Picture That Brands You

The first thing contacts look at when they view your profile is your picture. This is very important to get right.

First of all lets discuss what type of picture you SHOULD NOT have here –
NO pictures of your:






-company banners.

Remember that Facebook is a party, and on it you are BRANDING YOU, not your opportunity or company, but yourself.

“Your Profile Picture should be a photo of YOU.”

A clean photo of you that express’s you, a good half body shot works well, sharp and uncluttered. You could be dressed as if you were going out with your friends or to a dinner party.

Always remember you are branding yourself….
What is your brand?

POINTS TO REMEMBER: People want to connect with a PERSON not an object. Have a nice clean photo of your FACE so people can connect with you.

3. Setup Your Profile Content

The second piece of your profile that new contacts look at is your profile information. Specifically your:


“The THEME to follow when you are filling out this information is to always remember to CREATE CURIOSITY.”

If you were networking at a party, you would ask quality questions and share little bits of “small talk” that would cause the others to ask YOU what you do. This is how you connect with others. Think of your profile like that “small talk.”

Bio Section:

You can think about the BIO section like a short Elevator Speech. Here you can follow this three step outline:

-Introduce yourself

-Tell A Story

-Call To Action

An example can be:

“Thanks for adding me as a friend on Facebook. This is a fun place.

So here’s where I’m supposed to write about myself. I have been blessed. I grew up with a group of really hardworking parents, I started college very young, graduated and moved on to my dream job, only to find that it wasn’t my dream anymore.

I then created a new dream, to create micro-finance banks overseas and teach financial literacy overseas. My current occupation didn’t allow me to fund a bank overseas so I turned to the network marketing industry.

I had a lot of success in a 3-year track for a company, earning multiple six-figures and earning the #1 income earner seat in my state the last year for the year. My passion changed from the company’s vision and I began to do what I love, teach. The reasons for my success were mentorship, tools, and social media.

Now I teach and empower other entrepreneurs, young and old to use the new school tools, social media, for their businesses, whether traditional or not.

Feel free to shoot me a message here on Facebook and tell me what you do, I’m looking forward to connecting with you.”

Occupation Section:

Here many networkers “spoil the curiosity” of what they do by stating that they are an employee or contractor of the OPPORTUNITY they market.

Here you want to state that you are “a business owner,” and that you “own your own business.” This way if people want to find out what you really do, they will have to ask you.


Interests Section:

Remember the quote: “people do business with people they like and trust”

A lot of networkers forget to fill this part out, or do not feel like sharing this information. Filling out this portion completely is key to new contacts discovering things you have in common with them.

Fill it out in its entirety, giving them full ability to connect with you.

POINTS TO REMEMBER: The goal of the profile is to “CREATE CURIOSITY” so contacts will want to ask YOU more about yourself and connect with you

4. Shoot a “Who Is” Video

The third section that contacts view when they check out your profile is the Video Section.

***Before shooting the video remember back to your profile picture and your bio. You want to brand yourself just like you did in your profile picture. If you are wearing a suit in your profile picture, wear a suit in your movie. If you’re on a beach in your profile picture, be on the beach in your movie.

It is important to have at least ONE video in here. The first video you shoot should be title “WHO IS YOUR NAME.” For instance, in this example it would be “WHO IS BEN DIXON”

Remember this video is only 90 seconds or less. You can make the video with the webcam on your computer or any digital camera you might have.

The “WHO IS” video follows this format:

-Introduce Yourself

-Tell a Story

-Call to Action

Shoot your video in a well-lit environment and remember that viewers will sacrifice video quality for audio quality, so it’s ok to shoot a video with your webcam on your computer as long as you speak clearly and people can actually understand your words.

Upload the video to your Facebook account and your profile is complete.

POINT TO REMEMBER: Having quality AUDIO on your video is more important than having a high quality video camera.

5. Create Customer Profile Sheet

Another major mistake many network marketers make is targeting anybody and everybody for their business.

“If you target EVERYBODY, you’ll attract NOBODY. It’s very important to target a very specific type of person.”

So let’s create our perfect customer, or business partner if you like.Let’s answer these following questions. It’s amazing how easy it is to find new customers and distributors when you know who you are looking for. Keep this profile in your head when talking to new prospective business partners.

What is your perfect customer’s?

Age: _____________________________________

Gender: _________________________________

Occupation: _____________________________

Interests: _______________________________

Hobbies: _________________________________

Likes: ____________________________________

Activities: _______________________________

Associations: ____________________________

Clubs: ___________________________________

Favorite Books: __________________________

Favorite Movies: _________________________

POINTS TO REMEMBER: As soon as we know who our perfect customer and distributor is, we can begin to target and connect with them to build the business

6. Advanced Search for Customers

Advanced Search is the idea of thinking beyond searching for people you already know on Facebook. Adding new people to your circle of Facebook “friends.”

Type in an activity, interest, book, TV show or movie that your target consumer would have an interest into the search bar.

For instance if your target customers are fans of the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, then type “think and grow rich” into the search bar. What you’ll discover is categories of searches. You’ll see:

Here you can search and identify the best groups, pages, and events that your target customer would be a part of.

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Pick the activity or interest that describes your target customer the MOST and find relevant groups through the search tool

7. Add and Message Contacts

Now that you’ve identified the best groups, events, and pages to be adding people from, it is time to add some new “friends.”

WARNING: Facebook is a party, if you SPAM here Facebook will WARN you, if you persist, they will SHUT DOWN YOUR ACCOUNT. So do not spam.

If you do this step incorrectly you will see messages like:

So take your time to learn this correctly!

In this step, it is very important to write original messages and do not copy and paste. If you add a lot of friends quickly to your account with messages, Facebook knows you are pasting mass messages and it will give you a large WARNING sign. If you persist they will block you.

If you ever get a Warning message, log out of your account for 48 hours, realize what you did that was incorrect and log back in and do it correctly.

Basic Rules for adding friends:

-Write original inbox messages and personal messages when you add every friend

-Send 30 outbound friend requests every 24 hours -ask quality questions that show you care, so the person does not think you are just a piece of software randomly adding them

So here is the process to adding friends:

  1. Open up the group you are going to add friends out of.
  2. Go to the part of the page that shows all the group members/fans/event attendees and click “see all”
  3. Open up 10 profiles of Facebook member who are not your friend yet
  4. On each profile read the skim the public information and see where you and the person are connected(likes, interests, family, etc.)
  5. Add the new person as a friend, and include a personal message asking a quality questions and using THEIR name
  1. Send an inbox message to the new contact, once again asking another quality question.

REPEAT the 6 Steps until you have sent out 30 friends requests

Example Personal Messages could be:

“Hi Tom, you don’t know me, but I saw your post in the “Think and Grow Rich” group and I think we have a lot in common, I saw you profile, what do you do?”

“Hey Judy, we both are attending the webinar about “using the internet to promote a business.” I saw we were both moms that work at home and was curious what type of business do you run?”

“Hello Steve, I saw your comment in the “Young Entrepreneur” group, you sound like an incredible person, what inspired you to do what you do?”

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Write original messages, ask quality questions, and take 30 seconds to scan their profile to see where you connect. Whilst on their profile, either ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on a couple of their posts – this will help enormously with Facebook algorithms.

8. Converse and Get phone numbers

Now you’ve said “hi” at the party and its time to have a conversation! After adding 30 friends a day correctly, anywhere from 9-15 are going to add you back. 5-9 of the people who add you back will respond to your inbox message.

For the people who added you as a friend, but did not respond to your inbox message, go write a message on their Facebook wall:

“Hi Tom, thanks for connecting, how long have you been an internet marketer (whatever occupation they are)”

For the people who added you back and messaged you, it is time to continue the conversation. Read their message back to you. For example let’s say that you sent them our sample message from the last step:

“Hey Judy, we both are attending the webinar about “using the internet to promote a business.” I saw we were both moms that work at home and was curious what type of business do you run?”

Judy Responds:

“I promote a network marketing company called (whatever name Judy says), and really love their products, what do you do?”

After ready the response the goal is to convert the conversation to get Judy’s phone number. Your response could be like:

“That’s great! How long have you been promoting them?

What’s your favorite way to promote? You sound like someone I would like to collaborate with, my mobile is 444-555-6666, what’s yours?”

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Remember to GIVE your phone number FIRST, when asking for theirs.

9. Call and Connect

Now it is time for the easiest prospecting call of your life.

“Remember that people buy from people they like and trust.”

This new lead you have already knows what you look like and has read about who you are. THEY FEEL A CONNECTION TO YOU or they would not have sent you their phone number.

On this phone call you ask quality questions to prospect them and build for the next event. You may be:

-setting them up to meet with your mentor on a 3-way call

-inviting them to a local briefing

-sending them a link to a set of videos about your business

-booking them to a live webinar

Whatever the game plan, your goal is to:

  1. Identify their PAIN (because pain motivates humans more thanpleasure)
  2. Create the possibility of a solution to their pain
  3. Powerfully invite them to discover your solution

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Pain motivates humans more than pleasure, when connecting with your new contacts on the phone seek to find their pain. Once they have identified there pain, all you have to do is create the possibility of a solution to get them to the next event.

10. Build For Events

This is the process of enrolling your new leads and Facebook friends into your business. It can take 7-10 exposures to information for being to take action and join your opportunity. So having an engagement strategy to connect with your leads is extremely important.

For long-term success, create a weekly plan for what content you are going to expose your following and friends online.

Exposures can be: 

  • Prospecting Call
  • Personal Video Email
  • Content Videos Posted on Your Facebook Wall/Their Facebook wall
  • Invite to Facebook Groups
  • Invite to Facebook Event
  • Webinar Invite
  • 3-Way calls
  • Fan Pages

Prospecting Call:

See Step 9

Personal Video on Their Wall: This is an excellent way to reach out after a prospecting call. You can do it by: go to your “friends” Facebook wall and record a quick video message posting it on their wall

A video email can be less than a minute long, just stating that you have a way to assist them and you’re looking forward to seeing them at the next event

Content Videos Posted on Your Facebook Wall/Their Facebook wall:

You can also post informational videos about a subject or about yourself.

These videos can be general videos about your topic. For instance, if you market a health and wellness product that has a certain ingredient, you can share a video about the benefits of that specific ingredient. This would be a content video.

You can post these videos in your video’s section on you Facebook account and share them on your wall or if relevant to a specific prospect, share it on their wall as well.

Invite to Facebook Groups:

Groups will be covered in Step 11

Invite to Facebook Event:

Events will be covered in Step 12

Webinar Invite:

If you promote your business through webinars, you can share that you’re attending a webinar in your Facebook status, and invite others to join you, you can also share a webinar link though a Facebook events strategy. See Step 12 for a powerful strategy to invite others to webinars 3-Way calls:

A very powerful exposure is introducing your prospect to another person who is also in your business. There are two type of 3-way calls you will want to do with your new prospects:

  • A call with your mentor, so they can see the community and team that they will be able to tap into and get results with.
  • A call with someone who is “Just like them” that is already in your business. For example, if your prospect on Facebook is a stay-at-home mom who has 3 kids. You should introduce her to someone else in your business who is a stay-at-home mother with children. That way your prospect will see “this person is just like me, and she joined this group.” This social proof is a VERY powerful way to bring new prospects to the place of them joining your opportunity

Fan Page Updates:

Fan Pages will be covered in step 28

POINTS TO REMEMBER: It takes multiple exposures for a prospect to make a decision to join your opportunity.

Create a plan to engage them in your exposures

11. Set Up Facebook Groups

Groups are a powerful way to engage a group of people in a discussion. Groups can be a place where you can spread even more ideas and content about you solution.

To create a group:

Log into Facebook and go to the Home screen

Once you are on the home screen you can click Create Group on the Side Bar

This screen will pop up:

Here select a name for your group and invite your friends.

Select that this is an “OPEN” group so the members can invite their friends as well.

Once your group is created and you have invited your friends to be a part of it, now it’s time or you to update it with content. Remember the video content from step 10?

This is where you can create more personal videos and content videos to engage this group on a certain topic. As the content grows and the group members comment, the group will grow.

As an example, let’s say you market a weight-loss product. You could start a group about “How to Naturally Stay Fit” and have discussions about natural ways to stay fit.


If you market a tool or technology, you can start a group about “Top Web-Based Tools For The 21st Century” and have discussions about new technology and how it affects business today

“Remember it’s the Discussion that will lead to growth, more discussion, more growth!”

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Groups are a powerful platform to engage “friends” on a topic and expose them to your solution.

12. Set Up Facebook Events

Events are an extremely effective way to engage, educate, and sell to your “friends” on Facebook. You can promote live in person events on Facebook or web based webinar events to your attendees.

To set up an event:

Click on the events button on the left sidebar on the home page.

Then click the:

Now it’s time to set up the event:

  1. Pick a time for the event
  2. Choose a TITLE for the event you are planning (this is extremely important, because this title is the first thing people see when invited)
  3. The address of the event, if it is an online event just put “On Your Computer” or “Your Computer”
  4. This is the BODY of the event, in the body of the event you want to sell the event. Why should they come? What are they going to receive for attending? When is it? What is in it for them?
  5. Now it’s time to invite guests. Facebook makes you click which guest you would like to invite one-by-one. There is no select all button after you have 100 friends. This can take a lot of time. I have created a solution that is a little script of code that you can use to invite ALL your friends at once. You can get it and see the tutorial here:

Once you have created the event and invited all of your friends, it will take Facebook around 4 hours to send the invites to all of the attendees.

Once all the invites are out you can go to the event and click “message guests.”

Here you can send a personal message to all of the attendees Facebook inbox’s and expose them to the event again.

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Remember to send out the personal message after 4 hours. This message is the crucial step to engaging your “friends” about the event

13. Host the Event

Now that you have invited your guests to the webinar or live event, you get to host the actual event!

For Webinars:

If you are the host for the webinar here are a few points to remember, think of this as your checklist:

  1. Be in a place with a high-speed Internet connection so your presentation and audio is excellent for the listeners.
  2. Tag team with another person in your business so you can create powerful team energy on the webinar.
  3. Start the webinar on time and take introductions welcoming everyone to the webinar and checking your audio for the first 3-5 minutes.
  4. Whoever starts the webinars and takes introductions can then transition and edify the speaker(whoever is going through the presentation)
  5. The speaker can then thank the person who did introductions and edify them back.
  6. Now the speaker will begin the presentation and will follow this recipe;
    1. The Problem
    2. The Solution
    3. Testimonies
    4. Call to Action


The speaker will share what the pain is around the issue, usually by sharing stories about the issue.


Then discuss what can be offered as a solution to the people who are experiencing that pain


Then the speaker can share stories of different people’s results with the solution and even bring those people out live on the webinar


Lastly the speaker can have a call to action for the attendees to take advantage of the solution now.

These steps are the same steps for live in person events. But with the tools available today, you can literally engage people from all over the world at one time on a webinar to share your business with them.

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Events must follow a pattern, Problem,

Solution, Testimonials and a Call to Action

14. Follow Up Answer Questions

Now that you have hosted the event, it is time to follow up and get your prospects started.

If you held a webinar, you can download a list of all the webinar attendees and know exactly who to follow up with first. The key is to follow up within 24 hours always.

“People attend the webinar for the real reasons but they buy because emotions. After attending an event, emotionally they are in the right place to get started.”

All you have to do is ask quality questions to enrol them.

“What did you like best about what you saw?”

“What was your favorite thing that was said at the presentation tonight?”

“Do you see how easy it is to get everything you were looking for with this system?”

“Do you see how this takes care of what you told me was important to you?”

As you ask these questions, naturally possible objections may rise. The good news is you can handle any and every objection. Almost all objections stem from a variation of the belief “I don’t have enough time, money, or self-belief.”

When They Say:

“I don’t have enough time for this!”  Your response is, “Isn’t that the exact reason you should be in this business? So you can create more time for those you care about?”

“I don’t have enough money for this!”  Your response is, “Isn’t that the exact reason you should be in this business? So you can have enough money to do what you want?”

“I don’t know if I can do it!”

Your response is, “For this to succeed you need to know that the system is real, that the team is real, and that you are going to take it seriously. You already know that the team and the system are real and serious. We’re here to assist you in being serious about yourself, will you be teachable enough for us to take you to the place where you can do it?”

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Follow up within 24 hours….always

15. Ask for the order

The most crucial part of following up is asking for the order. Very rarely are prospects going to ask you “What do I do to get started.” The majority of the time, you will ask quality follow up questions like in step 14 and ask add a closing question to the end:

“Are you ready to get started today?”

“How would you like to get started now?”

“Are you ready to join the team?”

This crucial step separates the leaders from the wanna-be’s.

“If you struggle with asking closing questions then get your prospect in front of your mentor.”

Learn how your mentor closes business and begin to ask those questions yourself. As you get better at always asking closing questions you will discover how easy it is to build this business.

Do not end the conversation with “are you ready to get started today?” Now it is time to fill out the order form and get started! Take them to the web form and walk them through it line by line, until they have filled out the entire order form and submitted it.

“You get 100% of the orders you process yourself”

Once they have processed the order now it’s time to book them to the next event. It’s time to meet with them for their first distributor orientation, more about that in Step 17.

POINTS TO REMEMBER: You get 100% of the orders you process yourself

16. Deposit Money in Bank Account

Congratulations! You have now enrolled a new distributor.

Time to deposit the money in the bank.

This is the COMPLETE guide to long-term success and yes, you know your group is growing when you are actually going to the bank and depositing the money!

“You know your group is growing when you are actually going to the bank and depositing the money!”

POINTS TO REMEMBER: You know your business in moving forward, when it is actually generating CASH!

17. New distributor orientation

Absolutely the most important step to duplication and building a long-term business is the distributor orientation.

We now need to show the distributor that they are part of a winning team and give them the road map to building a successful long-term business (these 29 steps). Steps 18-24 are all steps where you train your brand new distributor and DUPLICATE yourself.

So in the distributor orientation you want to find out what the distributors goals are and set a plan of action for:

  • 7-days
  • 30-days
  • 120-days
  • 365-days

It may look like this:

7 Day Plan of Action:

Write Facebook Letter Together and Hold 15 3-way calls with Mentor

30Day Plan of Action:

Learn Facebook strategy and hold 30 3-way calls with Mentor in new Facebook strategy

120Day Plan of Action:

Learn how to do events so that you do not require the mentor anymore

365 Day plan of action:

Duplicate Yourself 12 times (once a month)

“If you want to earn serious cash, then treat this as a serious business”

Why not have your new distributor SIGN their plan, so that they are truly committed to it!
This is real!

Having a clear plan of action not only makes results doable, but also allows us to be kept accountable and make adjustments as time goes on.

It is very important in this orientation for the distributor to understand that this is a LONG-TERM business.

“Building a networking business is a LONG-TERM commitment.”

Success does not happen overnight, it is a process and the clearer you are about the process, and the faster you can get your distributor to earning income, the longer they will stay on your team.

More people quit today than ever before, and it’s up to you to provide the winning team and winning environment that is unavailable anywhere else.

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Set clear expectations for your distributor that this is a long-term commitment.

18. Prepare Your New Distributor

Take your new distributor through steps 1-5 of this guide and do the steps with them.

After orientation, their Facebook profile sho
uld be ready to go so they can begin building the business long-term!

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Walk them through the steps so you can prepare them for the Facebook Letter

19. Write Facebook Letter

By now you know way more about the business than your brand new distributor at this point, and most groups are going to tell them to just “make a list of their friends and family” and go call them all (but at this point your new distributor is not positioned well enough to do that yet).

So before we have our distributor do outbound calls to everyone in their life, we’re going to us a strategy called

‘The Facebook Letter’.

You, together with your brand new distributor, will log into your new distributors Facebook account. Here you’ll create an event that is an update about the new distributor’s life. For more on creating events go to step 12.

For this example our new distributor is going to be named Jane Jefferson. We will create the event:

  1. The event will be titled “Quick Message From Jane Jefferson”
  2. The picture for the event will be the same picture as Jane’s profile picture
  3. The time for the event will be starting now and for the next 14 days.
  4. The location will be “Your Computer”
  5. The body text will be the Facebook Letter.

After you have written the letter and invited all of Jane’s friends to the event, wait 4 hours for all of the invites to populate across Facebook.

Once all the invites have populated go to the event and message “All.” The message you send will also be the Facebook Letter.

Here’s some examples of Facebook letters…..

“Understand the goal is to write a letter that is an update on the New Distributors life and then edifies YOU their mentor.”

In Jane’s scenario the letter would be edifying YOU her new mentor. The letter is all about how YOU are going to mentor Jane and 3-4 of her friends to have a powerful business. Then you disarm any of the unfriendly comments by stating that if they are not looking for more sources of income right now then that is fine too.

The end result of this letter is that Jane will have 4-10 friends and family members sending her a personal message on Facebook asking if they can meet YOU the mentor. Now Jane gets to make the easiest phone calls of her career by doing simple 3-way calls with YOU and her friends and family that are totally excited to meet you.

Done properly, and depending on your compensation model, the goal of this exercise is to recruit enough people here for Jane to be in an income producing position, qualified to get paid, and earning a check.

Feel free to edit these letter below and write your own, once you understand the TRUE PSYCHOLOGY behind why these letters work, you will discover the unlimited potential of duplicating your business over and over again with Facebook.

LETTER 1 – Sample (edit for yourself)

Hey There,

I know we have not had a chance to catch up in a while so I wanted to send a quick message. Hosting an event on Facebook was the easiest way for me to send this to you.

Just writing a quick note because I wanted to let you know that I’ve been thinking about you

(two sentence update on your life) with the current economy, I know we’ve all been looking for more genuine ways to make money.

 My friend (mentor’s name) is (edit) and he has done (edit as necessary).

The reason I’m writing this to you today is because I KNOW that if I DON’T SHARE what I’ve found with you, you might be mad at me for keeping it a secret. I also know that you might get this message and may not be looking to start a business or don’t want to make more money, and that’s fine to.

Some incredible things have been happening in my world. I am putting together a business with (mentor’s name) and he told me he would mentor three of my friends too.

This opportunity is HUGE! It’s already a proven business and it’s growing. I have finally found a way for you and I can make money online that will cost us less than $500. If you are interested in meeting (mentor’s name), send me a message on Facebook or send me a txt at (phone number), I only share this with you because I truly want to assist you.

This is my only invitation to you. If you don’t send me a txt or Facebook message this is the last you’ll hear from me about this opportunity.

I hope you and you’re family are doing really well and I wish you all the best for this upcoming holiday season. Speak to you soon,


LETTER 2 – sample (edit for yourself)

Hey There,

I wanted to be sure I got this message to you. Hosting an event on Facebook was the best way to be sure you heard about this ASAP.

Not sure if you know (mentor’s name), (how long have you known the mentor, why is the mentor so great?)

(talk about why the mentor is so great)

So here is the deal, (edit name) has agreed to mentor a group of home business entrepreneurs and direct sales people with a system that is proven time and again to get results.

This is a closed-door invitation and he has agreed to mentor me and is allowing me to invite 4 others into the system at this time.

(why is this business great?)

If this does not sound like you, please disregard, sorry for the interruption. I hope you and your family have a tremendous (e.g. whatever the next holiday is)

So, if this does sound like you, what you need to do right now is message me on Facebook or text me at (insert mobile number) if you want to be one of the 4 lucky ones to join me. I only share this with you because I want to truly help you.

This opportunity is HUGE! To learn what really works in today!

This is my only invitation to you. If you don’t respond to this message via text or Facebook message this is the last you will hear about this opportunity.

I hope you and your family are doing really well and have an awesome (e.g. whatever holiday is next).


POINTS TO REMEMBER: Edification is KEY, take the Focus off of the new distributor and put it on the experienced mentor

20. Teach New Distributor 3-way calls

Here is our opportunity to teach your new distributor how to do 3-way calls.

They now have HOT PROSPECTS from the “Facebook Letter” and the “Events Strategy” and all they have to do now is edify you and ‘3-way’ you onto the call.

As you close their prospects on the phone, make sure you take the time after the call to ask your new distributor:

  • What did they learn?
  • Did they notice the questions you asked?
  • If the noticed how you connected with the prospects?

“This way you can teach as you produce, which is essential to building a long-term business.”

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Teach as you produce, this way you are always focusing on revenue generating activities as you duplicate yourself.

  1. Teach New Distributor Events

Now that you have completed the Facebook Letter Strategy, the next step for you is to train your brand new distributor how to promote:

  • Live events
  • Webinars
  • Conference calls

Teach them how to use Facebook Events, so they can do it on their own. Take them through step 12 until they can do it on their own.

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Duplication is only accomplished by you creating the space for others to learn. Use tools like this plan and answer distributor’s questions so they can run the business themselves.

22. Teach Your New Distributor to Host

Walk your brand new distributor through Step13.

For Webinars:

After having them observe 1 event, have your new distributor take the introductions and edify you to come on as the speaker. That way the new distributor can get used to the technology and everything that goes into a proper webinar presentation.

For Live Events:

Have your new distributor volunteer to serve at the live event.

“Nothing teaches you how to do a good live event than actually doing it.”

You can also bring them in to do the introductions at the live event and have them edify the speaker so they can get used to speaking in front of a room.

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Do events with your brand new distributor. Collaborating together and actually DOING events is the best way to learn.

23. Teach New Distributor to Follow Up

Be sure to bring your new distributor along with on all the calls when you follow up and close business. This is very important.

“The best way for the new distributor to learn is to shadow you doing it.”

So when you make follow up calls to a new distributors contacts, make sure that new distributor is THERE! The whole point of you building the business with them is so they can duplicate you.

After a session of follow up calls with a new distributor, take a moment to go to the new distributor and ask them what they learned? This discovery session will lead to the new distributor identifying the key points to a solid follow up.

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Follow up on leads WITH your new distributor. Creating the space for them to learn through observation is huge.

24. Teach New Distributor to Close the Deal

This is definitely the most important step in duplication.

“If your new distributor can never ask for the order, they will NOT be able to build the business independent from you.”

Teaching them how to ASK FOR THE ORDER is key to them successfully duplicating.

To properly ask for the money your energy has to be CERTAIN that the product and opportunity is what you say it is.

As you build up the confidence and belief with your new distributor that the opportunity is valuable and they become CERTAIN that there prospects deserve to participate, your new distributors closing quotient will increase accordingly.

So it is your job, as the mentor, to build up a belief in your new distributor that your products and services are as valuable as you say they are, so that when they begin to ask for the money and take orders, their energy and confidence is in integrity when they tell the prospect to join.

POINTS TO REMEMBER: As your new distributor watches you close, take time after the calls to ask them what they learned? What they discovered?

25. Deposit Money in Bank Account

Once again, deposit the money in the bank.

The reason this is a step is to understand that for long term success not only should you be making commissions from your personal marketing, but you should also be earning because of your teams efforts.

“If earning a commission from your team is a rare experience, then it is time to evaluate what exactly you are doing.”

POINTS TO REMEMBER: If you’re not getting a check because of your team’s production, it is time to evaluate your process of training them.

 26. Duplicate the Whole Process

The Farmer knows to have success as a

Farmer, he must always plant and harvest.

How foolish would it be for a Farmer to say…

“Well I don’t think I will bother planting this year!”

It is the same with a Network Marketing business. For long-term success, you must duplicate yourself again and again. Duplicating yourself and getting other people into a money making position is key to your long-term success.

This is why it is important to teach your distributor and understand personally that this career is a long-term play. This is not a:

  • 30-day commitment
  • 60 day commitment
  • 365 day commitment

“The Business is a long-term plan, it requires energy, resources, and leadership.”

In the analogy of the farmer, each distributor you have is like another acre of land you get to farm.

How much land do you want?

How large do you want your check to be?

Then how many times are you going to duplicate yourself?

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Duplication is the Key, do not lose sight of what is required to be successful

27. Sales Copy 101

Studying the art of sales copy is an investment that pays for itself 10 fold. Understand how to sell with your words. This is incredibly important. For the purpose of this course it is important to understand two underlying principles in Facebook marketing sales copy.

1: WIIFM – “What’s In It For Me?”

The WIIFM principle means writing copy that always includes why it affects the reader, or why the reader should be interested, or what benefit is the ready going to receive for participating in the material.

Here’s a statement WITHOUT WIIFM:

“Come attend Ben’s free webinar tonight! This is going to be incredible!”

Here’s a statement with WIIFM:

“When You Attend Ben’s Free Webinar on using “Social Media for Your Business” you will discover how to generate more targeted leads for your business every single day.

2: Write Conversationally

Remember, as we mentioned previously, that Facebook is an online party. If you were selling something at a party, it would be through a conversation. You would ask questions and make conversation.

And obviously writing copy for a billboard advertisement would be very differentthan, say, a call centre script. Same as selling with a call centre script is different than through a text message. So you have to approach Facebook differently.

Facebook is the ultimate social party. So how should you talk if you were sharing there?


“My friend Tom is having me speak on a webinar tonight, go ahead and join us at”

“If you want to hang out with Networkers who are really doing big things, connect with this group”

When you write conversationally and you remember to inform the reader of what’s in it for them, you will have a powerful writing style that will get real results.

People are bombarded with thousands of pieces of media and messages daily and when you write you have to be the piece that ENGAGES them if you want to inspire them to take action.

POINTS TO REMEMBER: It’s not the same message as any other type of media. It’s conversational and real.

 28. Advanced Fan Pages 101

When you hear the word “pages” on Facebook, think about them like WEBSITES hosted on Facebook.

You can go to and set up a Page. 

The magic of the fan page is that not only can you build an email subscriber list and create a custom page with your content; you can also build a Facebook mailing list.

This means you can build a following with TWO channels of communication.

Fan Pages are a more advanced strategy simply because they are for more advanced users, applications include pay-per-click, pay-per-impression, and organic traffic campaigns.

You can customize your page any way you want. There are literally thousands of applications available for your page.

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Pages are like Websites hosted on Facebook.

29. Integrating the Rest of the Internet

Facebook is an incredible community to do business with and in. But how do you connect the rest of the Internet?

This is where it is important to have other sites that assist you with “Telling the Story” of your business to your leads, examples include:


-Capture Pages

-Tour Sites

These play an essential role when building a business online.

If your opportunity provides you with capture pages and tour sites you can use these to leverage your time when “Telling the Story” about your business.

Remember that since Facebook is a party, DO NOT EVER send someone a link to your capture page or business opportunity site unsolicited.

“Always CONNECT with them first, send information after. If there is no connection, don’t send a link.”

POINTS TO REMEMBER: In this relationship business you want to connect with your prospect first and identify their pain. This way you can create a solution for them and then send them a link to preview your information. Without the essential connection first, your efforts will have minimal effect on Facebook.


Original post written By: Ben Dixon

Mark Hartfree is an Author, prolific
Blog writer, World Traveller and Online
Entrepreneur who divides his time between
the UK, South America & the Costa Blanca
Coastline in Spain.
His spare time is taken up between his
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