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Finding the right people to ‘rub shoulders’ with on the Internet can be a challenge at the best of times, but there are a few amazing Mentors out there that will show you EXACTLY how they have amassed small fortunes via the Internet. Possibly like you, I was ‘sucked in’ by wild claims and overnight success stories in the early days, but with time comes experience, spotting the scams from reality in a heartbeat.

One expert that has been a revelation, dare I say it ‘like a brother’, has been Darren Little (along with his partner Ari Maccabi) and his Millionaire Mentoring training courses and consistent guidance, because with his no nonsense, straight talking approach to internet marketing he shows you exactly how he became so effective (and wealthy!) in the internet marketing space, creating a duplicable brand that he WILL share with the right business partners like you and I – partners who have the same positive mental attitude with an affirmed mindset to go get ‘em and build a profitable online business.

Here’s a superb video from Darren explaining the BIGGEST mistakes new marketers make time and time again and HOW recruiting should be done on to gain keen and highly valued recruits in minutes!

So how do we take these unparalleled strategies and turn them into a successful online business?

By utilising the combined power of Black Ops Underground Marketing and the outstanding Exitus Elite ‘Genesis’ affiliate program, a system that has already topped over $1M in sales for Black Ops in four short months (at time of writing), making it one of the fastest-growing, trusted and successful affiliate programs available.

With its powerful Hybrid Pay Plan offering a valuable in demand product, this easy to follow system offers unlimited prospects with three Genesis Library levels – Basic, Advanced and Elite.

** The Basics Library is included within your Exitus Elite membership of $99 per quarter or $299 per year, comprising of 16 courses that will guide you through the basics of earning income via the internet whilst helping you prepare for building a successful long-term online business.

** The Genesis Advanced Library is an additional one-time investment of $100 and includes an additional 35 courses and over 340 audios and videos to help you get your online business off the ground FAST. Includes topics such as email marketing, attraction marketing, paid advertising, voice broadcast marketing, social media marketing, video marketing and a whole lot more….

** The Genesis Elite Package is the premium platform with a one-time investment of $1000.
As online entrepreneur, you have to appreciate that the path to building success is a journey, not a sprint. With the Genesis Elite Library, they have included two of the most important areas of focus: Personal Development and Health & Well- Being. This incredible library of digital products ‘sets the standard’ when it comes to ‘high ticket’ or ‘top tier’ online businesses.

So in simple terms, to participate in the Exitus Hybrid Pay Plan you simply choose whether you want to be an ADVANCED or ELITE affiliate by purchasing the appropriate Genesis Library, giving you the opportunity to market and re-sell THE EXACT SAME PACKAGE to your new team members and prospective online clients – using all the expert knowledge within the Genesis product COUPLED WITH the Black Ops Underground Marketing strategies…a winning combination I assure you.

For a quick overview of this opportunity watch the short but powerful presentation below, it will clarify all the benefits to you and show how to release your potential, explaining how to have an unlimited amount of excited prospects viewing your online business day after day, reaping the benefits in the shortest possible time.

Be sure to check out the Pay Plan tab to fully understand the remuneration and just HOW FAST you can start to earn commissions online….

So if you’re looking for a premium online business with Done-For-You Lead Capture Pages, Automated Campaigns, a Comprehensive Admin Area with a 24 Hour Support System,
Millionaire Mentoring, an online Contact Manager plus Experienced Sponsor to Support
and Assist you, Resources and Training, Digital Product Delivery and all Hosting & Business
Costs taken care of, all for a ONE-TIME payment – you are in the right place.

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