The 10K Model

There are many different platforms and ways to make money on the internet, from MLM schemes to Affiliate Marketing, selling online products to blogging or writing eBooks. But most of these can take a lot of time and many hours of research before any results or income is achieved.

But one of the quickest and easiest ways that I have found to start your online income is to invest in this simplistic program that has brought success to thousands of newbies and wanna-be onlinepreneurs. The real benefit I found with Easy 1 Up is that I could continue to grow my business, expand my blog and ‘earn as I continued to learn’, banking easy commissions weekly to fund my online business.

There are five ‘buy in’ levels, and at each level you unlock comprehensive, step-by-step digital training and educational modules to guide you through the process of being successful online (each level also has a 10% admin fee to be added on). It is a one-time payment, no monthly fees and no ongoing costs so prefect to budget for;

Elevation ; $25 payment – Network Marketing Basics course and Affiliate Kickstarter video series

Elevation Elite ; $100 payment – Free Marketing and Cash Generation video series (plus above info)

Vertex ; $250 payment – Advanced Digital Business video series (plus all above info)

Vertex Elite ; $500 payment – Money Counts Live Business Building course (plus all above info)

Vertex Pro ; $1000 payment – The ‘26 Videos’ Vault of Advanced Online Mastery (plus all of the above info)


Now what a lot of people fail to comprehend is what you are actually purchasing with these ‘one-up’ programs and why they are so lucrative, because the misconception is you are just receiving commissions from other online entrepreneurs and pocketing the money.

But the reality is you are selling high quality, unique and unbelievably valuable information teaching you EXACTLY how to make your own sales and build an online business quickly and easily, and once purchased you obviously have the ability to resell this collective information to others, hence building your own team of professionals and enhancing your online presence within the online marketing space.

Having said that, it’s important to buy in at a level you can afford, without feeling pressured into ‘going for broke’, bearing in mind that this is an affiliate ‘one-up’ program, and the level you purchase is the maximum commission you are going to earn(See Win/Win Bonus Below).

And the good news, your first sale goes directly back to you, returning your investment immediately. The second sale then ‘passes up’ to your sponsor (which always seems a bummer but many online programs work this way  – and it’s GREAT when it’s your turn to be on the receiving end!). All sales and future payments are then 100% yours, and as your team grows, so does your income.

When looking to invest in these types of programs, it is also paramount that you do your due diligence and pick the right team along with the right sponsor, I am fortunate to be associated with my buddy Michael Mansell and ‘Team Mansell’ who have been instrumental in total team earnings (at the time of writing) in excess of $1.25M. Here’s a video from Michael explaining exactly how we did it….

So when considering the Easy 1Up Compensation Plan keep in mind It’s designed to be SIMPLE! It’s not rocket science, no smoke-and-mirrors and you make 100% direct payment on the sales.  Which means you get your product purchase back on your first sale.

You then use the leverage of the pass up on your second sale to accelerate your online business.  Duplicate that with your team and you’ll see sales and future pass-ups increase at an unprecedented rate. As previously mentioned, you can start for as little as $25 + $5 admin but remember, if you join a higher product package, ALL the lower ones are FREE and automatically qualified.

Example: Join the Vertex Elite $500 + $50 admin. The $25, $100, $250 are included and qualified.

N.B All Vertex Elite and Vertex Pro purchases are automatically place into Team Mansell’s FREE Global Rotator, sending you free traffic and prospects until your investment is repaid, as well as being added to TWO amazing Facebook Mastermind Groups.

My Exclusive WIN/WIN Bonus

This is my personal BONUS that I offer all my own team and NOT an ‘Easy 1 Up’ bonus – you will not find this deal anywhere else on the Internet. If you feel that this program is definitely for you but cannot afford to purchase one of the higher levels, you unfortunately will only be qualified to receive commissions on the level you buy in at.

So let’s say you buy in at $250, and then make a $500 sale (which is very possible), you would not be eligible to receive ANY commission on that sale, with the $500 passing up to the sponsor in full (company rules, not mine). So I introduced my WIN/WIN 50-50 bonus scheme which has been going down a storm – because you cannot lose.

So put as simply as I can, if we use the same example above (i.e. you are personally at the $250 level and make a $500 sale) I WILL SPLIT THE PROCEEDS OF THAT SALE with you 50/50 – so you still make $250 on a deal you would normally lose out on totally !

Why would I do this I hear you asking? Two reasons to be honest, firstly because I know how difficult it can be when first starting an online business and genuinely would like to help others where I can, and secondly it gives you an incentive to sell ALL levels in the knowledge that you will also benefit financially from the sale – as I said – a win/win all round….

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