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Over the years Facebook has changed the way it manages this social media venue and its impact can be felt across the globe. Successful Facebook pages have toppled governments, started lucrative trends, fueled protests, made people rich and allow us to connect with thousands of raving fans.

One of the biggest problems marketers face is how to ethically use and master Facebook to grow their business and do so in a simple way that will stand the test of time. There have been guides a plenty written on this subject. Most of these guides are difficult to implement and confusing and require you invest in Facebook apps additional guides and hire professionals to finish the job.

I wanted to create a layman’s guide that teaches in one read, the REAL and affordable way to grow your Facebook fan pages using common sense and real world advice. Stuff that really works over and over, regardless of the changes Facebook rolls out.

We know you will find some very useful tips throughout this book on how to gain more followers and likes on some of your Facebook fan pages. We will guide you through the basics of setting up a page that has real viral potential and starting successful campaigns that have the ability to grow on their own.

Love it or hate it, Facebook is still here to stay and we should utilize this incredible platform for getting people to notice and participate in our niche. There is no denying that it is one of the biggest social media tools in the world today. It is important that we as marketers try to simplify our marketing to highly effective things that work well to drive likes, optins, fans and eventually sales.

Facebook Fanpage Magic?

Facebook has forever changed the way people interact with each other through the internet. Never before have so many people been able to connect from every part of the world through a medium such as this. The real magic of Facebook is its viral potential. Most people do NOT utilize this to its full potential.

Facebook has become like most people’s second home. As of October 23, 2016 Facebook had more than 1.2 billion users on the site, with between 584 and 604 million people using the site every day. Some of these statistics includes those who are using mobile technology every day to post all kinds of things.

Again having the MOBILE potential to drive people to your page is just one really awesome benefit of Facebook – as 90% of all civilized worlds, people have cell phones and Facebook Apps to interact with the social giant so you get to reach people almost 24 hours a day.

The above numbers do not include Face book’s other side of social media like

Instagram which they now own lock, stock and barrel. So you see, Facebook and its partners are huge. Do you really think we can ignore that immense power and potential? Well I guess you realize this….

No matter how you look at it, there are millions of users on Facebook who are using this platform every day. People do everything on Facebook from starting new groups to promoting their Fan Pages to delivering information sources and articles. With the introduction of Instagram, the world of Facebook has become a huge way to show off graphics, encouraging people to buy products with the use of images, displaying beautiful photographs and generally alerting people to events and places. None of this is rocket science but there are a few things you can do to spice up your pages and connect to your audience in a whole different way.

The Truth About Facebook Fanpages

Some people might think that a fan page is too much work and you always have to be online to get a response and create more interest. Not so…

Some of the biggest fan pages on Facebook these days deal with international and political movements like “Occupy,” “We are change” and other types of people structured movements. Of course you don’t need to go the heavy routes and you can always make your page about any niche.

From my recent observations some of the hottest pages are about:

  1. Political / Social / Government
  1. Technology / Science / Education
  1. How To / Gardening / Growing / Green
  1. Animals
  1. Photographic / Images
  1. Gaming pages /Sports
  1. Music / Video
  1. Marketing & Promotional
  1. Hobbies / Fun
  1. Trends

The way the top Facebook Fan pages work is to offer information and sharing about any or all of this. The Fan page is to get targeted and excited people to participate and then support (eventually) what you want them to do.

People will be motivated by what you can show them that’s interesting and something they fully support. If you do this you will build a true community that can provide you with money as well if you follow this guide.

Large Numbers Of Followers Or BS?

There will always be those who circumvent the natural order of things and try to cheat the system. You may have seen marketers that have reached over 10,000 or more likes in a couple of months on their Facebook Fanpage(es). While some of this interest is genuine and if you follow what we will teach you here this is possible.

There are others that simply look for companies that will deliver “paid likes.”

I personally know someone who was telling me that one of his pages reached over 12,000 people in a couple of months. “Wow that’s awesome! So what’s your secret?” I asked. The answer I got just didn’t seem to fit well with me and so I looked into myself.

I started monitoring this particular page to see exactly how my friend was doing things. There were virtually no posts on this particular page. Occasionally there was something posted but it wasn’t really grabbing anyone’s attention. No real shares or the kind of comments you would expect from a healthy page.

People think buying likes will help them with their Fan page. Buying likes is risky, usually are all bogus accounts that give you likes and will eventually fade off your page. This is defiantly NOT the way you manage a successful Facebook account.

If you add likes the moral of the story is add REAL people to your Fan page. Don’t be duped by companies promising likes.

Here is how to do this so you will have a real community.

People Come To Facebook To Have Fun . . . Help Them!

What some of us tend to forget is our audience. It is the people who decide to like your page in the first place that will set the tone for what happens. For instance if you set up a page about gardening then most of the people that like the page are there to learn as much as they can about gardening.

If your business is based in selling gardening equipment then you can offer people things they may need or want.

You should know that people are finicky and they won’t like a pushy approach.

Don’t post the same things over that have links back to your website. That is the quickest way to lose people. You have to also give people beautiful visual images and photographs, along with one simple phrase. Like the picture above.

In this picture we have a pretty young woman with a plant, watering can and dirt all over her. The catch phrase about gardening and being sexy was appealing to women who garden. It made gardening fun and people enjoyed this. There is some research time involved in learning about your audience. You have to throw a few things on your page to see where the biggest response is. Your audience will tell you what they enjoy by liking and sharing your pictures and posts.

Use Instagram To Share What They Love

With Instagram being bought by Facebook you have a perfect opportunity to have a great Fan page. If you haven’t noticed, Instagram pictures are some of the most unique because of the filters and platform that creates powerful images. Pictures taken by other people with Instagram are bright, kooky, fun and the world loves them. You should IMMEDIATELY begin to use these as they will make your Fan page stand out from all the rest. In addition Instagram promotes sharing using mobile devices so there is an added benefit of integrating with mobile users.

Take your own Instagram pictures and share them with your audience. You can say a whole lot with one picture. People don’t read the way they used to but instead they love to look at colorful pictures and love one line sentences that grab the whole theme of what you are saying. This allows you to “shape” people’s thoughts and create ongoing image campaigns.

The image campaigns you can create can eventually promote a related product.

You have to think about what your audience might want to see on the Facebook page. There are plenty of ways to continually encourage people into becoming a big supporter of what you are doing.

1 Post With Cool Pic. = 229 New Members

I have been using Facebook for quite a few years and have been working developing fan pages and monitoring people’s interest in what they like and what they don’t. There is a rhythm to Fanpages, much like tuning a guitar; only we use images to do this.

Since most people are driven by visual stimuli, give them what they want. People love posts when they are colorful, bright, funny, and clever which can teach something useful as well.

Here is another thing that people are interested in, recycled products.

Seriously did you ever think how many plastic bottles are thrown away every day? A lot.

Facebook users love these ideas and they will share them like crazy with their friends; while this is going on you are getting likes and new members.

Create A Facebook Fanpage

You may have previously set up a Facebook page and are familiar with the way to go about it; but if not you can always follow some of these easy directions.

At the very top of your page you will see your profile…home…privacy icon…and the Account settings icon (wheel)

Click on the home button. This will bring you to the main page where you can view everything happening from your friends and other pages. To the left of the screen you will see a section that has your favorites, pages, groups and applications.

Click on the pages and MORE. You should see something in the middle of your screen like this.

Next step is to choose a category like business or organization. You want your page to eventually become a website something like the one below.


Having a website address makes it easier for people to find you.

Now the next thing you might be thinking is why the I Love at the end of the website page on Facebook. There are a couple of reasons why we do this, read on and we will explain more.

Set It Up Correctly (I LOVE XXX)

The above website had “I Love Fish”as the name of the page. Why use “I Love” on my page? This is mainly because people are driven to those words and strongly attracted to LOVE plus the name of the thing they love. e.g. I Love Dachshunds (92k fans!)

Here are a few Facebook pages you can look at with the I Love at the beginning of them. We will be using animal pages to give you a good idea of the traffic.

I love Dogs has 178, 000 likes and 645,003 talking about it.

I love my dog has 1,596,452 likes with 1,089,369 talking about this

I love my cat 117,714 likes · 229,082 talking about this

I love Horses has 54,301 likes and 28,217 talking about this

Once you have 25 Likes on your new Facebook page you can change the website address listing on Facebook.

  1. Go to your admin panel at the very top of your page
  1. Select the Edit Page feature
  1. Click on Basic Information to the left side of the screen
  1. Set up your new website address
  1. This can found in the middle section of your page.

It’s that easy and now you are ready to roll and bring in lots of likes to you page.

Attract Fans Using Networking

If you have a large fan base following on your facebook pages then don’t be shy and ask all of your friends to like your new page. Even if you don’t have much experience with fan pages, there is an invite feature to encourage more likes.

You may also know of other fan page owners having a high success rate. Ask them to help you out by giving your page a plug or two to help boost your likes. Networking with others pages for a while is always a good idea.

Find some of the heavier trafficked pages and take a look at what they are doing. Look at the pictures they are putting on their pages and how many likes and shares people are doing towards the pages.

Occasionally some of the bigger pages will approach you after they watch what you are doing on our own pages and may ask you if you want to network with them. Even if the big page doesn’t make a deal with you, then make the proposal yourself.

This is usually how it works. For every 2 interesting posts you put on the bigger page, ask them to allow you to promote your own face book page with them. ONLY use your face book page and do not promote any of your other blogs or websites.

When we say ‘interesting posts’ we mean colorful pictures, one line sentences and information the fan page can use to their benefit. Ask the bigger fan page to make you a content creator on their page. You will need to join their fan page with your main Facebook ID first.

To become a content manager: Go to Admin Panel, Manage permissions, Admin roles, type in your email address in the section for adding a new manager, go to the drop down menu and make the content creator.

In essence you can begin to monitor their page for them. At the same time you get the benefit of building up more of your own members.

Should You Buy Likes? The answer is a definite NO.

Facebook is really cracking down on people who are selling “likes” to pages. They eventually find out who is and delete accounts. Buying likes is a violation of TOS as well so don’t do this as we mentioned earlier.

So is there a right way to buy likes? Yep. Facebook ads. Facebook want you to “buy” fans from them. Also Facebook will give extra exposure if you have an important post – you can promote these as well. Why?

Only ten percent of people who have you in your timeline are seeing your posts unless they are visiting your page. So if you have 50,000 fans on one page only a small percentage of those people will actually see what you post unless you pay to promote your post – then everyone on your page will see your post on their timeline. This is good because you can reach your fans and their friends too.

You will see the promote button at the bottom of each post you make.

As you can see from this photograph, the average price is $5 to reach five hundred to one thousand people.

What About Advertising On Facebook?

If you have a new facebook page then you might want to wait on the advertising until you have built up some followers. While the advertising campaigns do work and you can target your audience, you should have a few followers going on your page before you spend any money on advertising within Facebook. People can be reserved and many of them don’t want to add LIKES to a page that hardly has any traffic or graphics.

Create An Ad

This link will direct you back to your main Facebook account. You want to create the exact measurements which Facebook requires, except place a bright red border around the image. This creates attention to the image as people are viewing their pages.

Make the post as generic as possible to target your audience at first and get as many likes rolling in with statements most people would agree with.

Before you actually pay for a post do a little research first to find out whom your target audience is and run the ad to these people. Many people will actually start fan pages based on demographics, state or niche words like I Love + niche

I Love Horses –

Don’t make your budget anymore than $100.00 to begin with. You are trying to get enough likes so in the future you can post images that will go viral with a few paid posts. The formula works and will allow you to build a large following:

  1. Create a fanpage for a targeted niche e.g. I Love Metal Detectors
  1. Make sure you have several interesting posts to start out with very visual images your niche will love
  1. Run an ad to get likes with a very simple ad:

“Click Like If You Love Metal Detectors!”

  1. Set a budget for about $100.00
  1. Try to get at least 1,000 likes
  1. Once you have 1k likes begin sharing Instagram and visually stunning images the niche will love. Use national magazine images for suggestions on what you can do

Make People Share Their Photos

Encouraging the community to share their photographs with you helps to build people’s ego’s up. Most will share with you and everyone else when encouraged. There is a community on Facebook where the owner of the page has encouraged a lot of other smaller pages to network and share images with each other.

Here’s how this works: The Aquaponics Survival Communities have over 4000 people currently on their page. In the last few weeks the owner has added nearly 2000 people. The banner is colorful and shows you exactly what the page is about.

Here’s what the APSC did to add new members.

Many smaller pages from allover the world started to connect with this page. The owners would go through some of their new members who were also doing aquaponics. The owner would then look over some of the photographs on the new members’ page.

They would find a picture they liked and shared it back with the APSC community. They added a sentence to the picture like “Please meet our new friends at Greenie

Aquaponics in Thailand. You are growing beautiful lettuce guys; keep up the good work!”

By posting other people’s pictures this encouraged more new members to LIKE the Aquaponics Survival Communities. Another very important thing that became a predominant factor was, the APSC Facebook page was everyone’s community!

The members started to share more photographs, get involved in conversations and share articles and stories. They even have other groups who are now wearing the APSC banner for support and recognition.

The whole community took on a life of its own and everyday there are new members joining. People now like, share posts and make comments. When someone is given praise the community gets involved and cheers them on too. It’s become like a large family on Facebook.

How To Create Viral Photos And Link

Instagram have some amazing photos. Facebook now owns Instagram so you should be able to find a cool picture or two to share with your community. Some of the most popular and unusual photographs are found through Instagram and if have your own account then get busy and take some photographs.

What catches people’s eyes are the vivid colorations, the way the picture is presented and one line comments that spellbound your audience. Instagram allows you to manipulate photographs so experiment.

For instance if your page is about gardening then make the colors of tomatoes and beans pop. If you have a way to enhance the colors on your computer, make some of the pictures brighter than the average colors. What exactly do we mean about eye popping colors?

This photograph was enhanced to be overly bright and excessive distorted color was added. There is a one line sentence to match the picture too.

A Great Example Of A Power Post

Do this with every single post or photograph you make. You can even add other websites you own on a post too, as long as it is part of your discussion and ties into your post. Always follow with interesting pictures and ask your community to LIKE your pictures and share.

The interest in this picture was primarily about gardening. Someone else’s website was linked with a paragraph from the actual site address. A photograph was also taken from the site and was personable.

Another sentence was then added with a link back to the facebook community. People liked this and shared it around. Facebook pages can be a lot of fun. Strive for likes and shares on your page and ask your community to get involved with the sharing.

Some of your posts may only be shared a few times while others 40 or 50 times and more. Analyse what makes people want to share what you have to say. Use more of the photographs that entice people to want to share.

What If Someone “Steals” Your Work?

Sometimes you may come across one or two communities that will take an image you create and remove your links. If you are enhancing the photograph in anyway and doing to work to make the picture beautiful that is your artwork.

If someone is stealing your photos and not giving your page credit, then we suggest you put a logo of your own somewhere on the image that is difficult to remove without ruining the picture.

This can stop other pages from stealing your work and they will be forced to SHARE the image rather than download it and claim all the traffic.

In addition if this happens you can always report the image and show how you posted it first. Most communities can police this and visit the offending page and tell them they know that the image they posted is not theirs.

This is a good way to get offenders to either put the link back or remove the image in question.

How To Do Posts Even If On Vacation

Set aside an hour a day to research images. Remember to use Instagram, (share them) ask permission to use other’s pics or buy stock photos and create your own. Now take all the tags out of the image (right click the picture, go to properties and then details, to see if there are any tags on your photograph you bought ). Enhance your images, write a catchy phrase and get ready to post.

Were you aware that you can set aside time slots for posts? Each picture can be pre-set up so you don’t even need to be there when it is highlighted on your page. You don’t have to spend hours agonizing over what to do and when you should post it to the community. You can even time your posts.

It’s very easy to set up a date and time. At the bottom of each post you will see two buttons at the bottom.

You can set your post an hour behind the other. Probably the best time to post is on the morning when people are checking their messages and early in the afternoon about 3pm when they are on their way home from work.

Most people have stopped looking at pages around 8pm so you decide which times work best for you. You want to gather as much of an audience on the times you know people are checking their Facebook accounts.

Touch Their Hearts And They Will Share

Remind your community that they are a great bunch of people. Ask them what they would like to see more of. Encourage them to the community and consider making top posters contributors to your page.

Many people are simply not aware of certain events happening in the world. Keeping people informed on your page about your niche is important so that they look to you for their information.

Sometimes when you bring a tragedy or even a victory to their attention, it arouses strong emotions in people. Right now, the economic problems in America and around the world have a lot of people very concerned. It may be something you can ask your community an opinion on. Don’t get too political but you can have light hearted conversations and see what kind of response you get.

You can relate these conversations to drive trends. People will make comments about their own communities, living conditions or family members. They will tell you what they are experiencing. Conversations like this will arouse a whole mix of different emotions that people can get very passionate about.

Passionate people promote your site, subscribe to your work and mailing lists and will eventually buy things from you.

You can get involved more with the people in your Facebook community too. Real changes can actually happen through genuine connections and feelings. Never be a fake to your community, be real and people will absolutely respect you for it.

They will even say things to you from time to time that let you know they love your page and you are doing exactly what they want to see.

Connect With Top Pages In Your Niche

We previously mentioned the benefits of networking to bigger Facebook pages. Well the same thought can apply to the smaller ones too. Even pages that have anywhere from 1000 to 5000 fans can be very beneficial for increasing your traffic.

The idea is to share and allow others to share whatever you are doing. Likes and shares is what you are looking for. Make sure you make the community very aware that the more they help you share, the more people can benefit from the information.

Take the time to look at information on other Facebook sites. Make comments and give helpful answers. By just making a few helpful comments other people can click onto your profile and be directly taken to the page. If they appreciate your comments, they will LIKE your page.

As your page increases in traffic you can network back with the smaller pages and make the same offer as a content creator on your page. Choose your network pages carefully and encourage people who are already creating interesting and great content on their pages.

Pretty much what will happen is you become a manager of different pages with people networking back and forth and helping to create content. Then you will really be saving time and energy. We know this a successful way to create content because we know for a fact some of the bigger pages on Facebook are doing this same way of networking.

What is that old saying ‘Pay it forward.

Find A Cause That Is Trendy And Link It

There are so many causes on Facebook and if you can connect to a trend that is popular you will have a winner. For example, political events and causes are one of the biggest niches on facebook. There are many groups that are springing up and you could capitalize on this quite nicely.

People are ussally driven by the current trends and what concerns them individually. By tuning into emotions and trends, you can become a championof causes to other people. Yes there is a payday at the end of this rainbow as well.

For example, many people are concerned about their food and what additives are finding their way to the dinner table. There are all kinds of groups popping up all over Facebook where they are demanding cleaner foods and even growing their own. By tapping into this concern you can create huge pages for people to voice opinions and share more of your information and subscribe to your solutions that could help you become a real mover and shaker in the community.

Now Drive People to Your Squeeze pages

Once you have some real steam going with your fanpage, set up a squeeze page and / or opt in form (a way to get someone’s email).

You can create a newsletter and invite the community to offer articles, information and of course help you promote it. The newsletter can include paid ads, links to products and affiliate offers to your mailing list. Make sure offers make sense to people and are excellent products.

You can even encourage your community to become journalists for you. Invite them to write a paragraph, post pictures and even allow them to advertise their own business in your newsletter (for a reward or price).

Appeal to the ego a little and make your members work for you. Give people reasons to want to do things for your page. When creating a newsletter tell the community that the best article will be featured on your main page.

Hold a competition occasionally and give away something that is about the community you are building. If you have a set of guides then give them away free for the best story or photograph to be featured in the newsletter.

Ask your members for help. Believe us when we say if you treat people like gold they will keep coming back to you. They will support your causes and they will even help you build a huge fan base through Facebook.

Sell Products That Are Reasonable And Make Sense To The Community

If your Facebook page is about organic foods and you offer your members a product about Internet Marketing, that’s not going to be received very well. You may find a mass exodus of members. They are in your community because they said they wanted the interaction you promised them in the beginning (I love + niche)

Seriously consider how quickly you will lose members when you start plugging products and services that have nothing to do with what you page is about. Even if you DO try to sell products that have something to do with your page, be careful. Things must make sense to your members. You can burn a lot of likes and followers if it appears to them you are being overly greedy.

Sell products that are affordable, realistic, make sense to them and will enhance the relationship you have with your members.

Why not put together some interesting niche based guides for people to buy? Once you have enough members offer the guides to the community. Don’t ask for too much money for them but instead make them affordable for people to purchase and explain they help with the niche.

Sell products to your mailing list and NOT your Fan page. This is why you want your members to opt in (sign up for more information) with a related offer to the Fan page you are promoting.


It is a fact that Facebook is the biggest social media site on the internet today. If you are not using Fan pages for creating new ways to promote your business, then now is the time.

A fan page can become a source of income, create communities where people keep coming back for more information and grow an active mailing list to then promote just about anything.

You can become a celebrity in your own right by the Fan pages you create. It is easy to guide an audience of faithful followers when you show them that you care.

Take the time to create beautiful images that inspire people and keep them coming back for more. Follow the steps in this guide and make your own community happen.


Mark Hartfree is an Author, prolific
Blog writer, World Traveller and Online
Entrepreneur who divides his time between
the UK, South America & the Costa Blanca
Coastline in Spain.
His spare time is taken up between his
children and volunteering for local charities.

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