Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Started Internet Marketing

Please appreciate that these are my personal findings or opinions and in no way formulate a definitive do and don’t list – but it just might help.

  • That everything we sell, promote or buy is in $US dollars.


  • That every domain name you buy should be a (unless you have a specific reason for choosing a specific domain extension i.e., .biz, .info etc.) -we want to sell to the World – right?


  • That you shouldn’t buy every new shiny gizmo that’s offered to you on the internet.


  • That every time you purchase ‘a bargain’ for $7.00 on the internet to change your life forever you’re in a sales funnel with the inevitable upsell on the way.


  • That although the $49 dollar gizmo you have just purchased (after much thought) will do an adequate job what you really need is the super duper $99 dollar upgraded version if you really want to succeed (thanks for telling me now).


  • That you definitely need a mentor or coach to succeed – don’t it go alone, you might get there eventually but are you going to live that long??


  • To follow the path of someone who’s truly successful with Internet Marketing and copy what they do – I know it sounds obvious, and might cost you a few dollars, but you’ll get there a whole lot faster.


  • That you do not need to understand HTML coding or the intricacies of building a website etc. – heck no, we are going to get someone to do that for us(and cheaply!).


  • That WordPress is undoubtedly the best website creation tool on the Internet – and it’s FREE


  • That nothing is for free on the Internet – but then that’s ok, because you want to sell as well! (is that reversed    psychology, I can’t decide).


  • Try not to get to bogged down with affiliate marketing / niche marketing in the early stages – research and learn maybe but stay on path.


  • That Google do ‘email for business’ accounts, perfect for that ‘professional’ appearance for your mail address. Costs $2 or $3 dollars a month, but instead of having ‘’ you can now pay, for example – (and redirect to your main account id desired – first month free at time of writing).


  • That everybody’s got an angle of some sort when they ‘connect’ with you – you just have to try and work out what it is…


  • You must have the ability to stay focused, stay on track and be dedicated to the task – or it ain’t gonna happen!


  • That Facebook can be ruthless in its actions and totally unforgiving. Be aware of its endless rules and regulations, especially if you are boosting posts, posting to groups pages or posting links. They WILL shut you down without warning or ban you temporarily or even permanently from certain actions, or at worst delete you page. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED…


  • Start building an email list ASAP – If I knew what I know now 5 years ago I would have started building my list within months of starting Internet Marketing. Even if you don’t have any products to sell you can still build a list and develop products for your list as you progress. Having a list gives you massive leverage and a big advantage so start building one as soon as you can.


  • Focus on Only One Thing at a Time When Starting Out Until You See Success. It sounds fairly simple but this is the reason why so many people struggle to make any decent income online. You have probably been a victim of this already and maybe this is what you’re doing at the moment. The key is to choose a do-able method and then just keep working on it until you’re making money, it’s that simple.


  • Rome wasn’t built in a day (as my Mother was always telling me) and neither is a successful blog site. Becoming an overnight sensation is a rarity, but it can happen. But don’t be deterred. When you put in the time and dedication, mixed with a little passion and determination – you will get there….


  • Value your time – it’s the most precious commodity you have, irreplaceable when you think about it, so try putting a monetary value on it, and see how your productivity suddenly improves


  • Give yourself time to think – plan out your tasks and objectives, even for just 10 to 15 minutes before you start each day, it will improve your focus and productivity.


  • Try and prioritize your tasks, getting the important or imperative things done first. I know it sounds obvious, but so easy to get distracted or digress.


  • Cut out the negativity around you. Hopefully don’t need to explain that too much, you should know who or what I mean. Rub shoulders with the right people at all times to focus your Mindset.


  • Eliminate all distractions. I mean all, turn off the TV, silence your phone, find a quiet spot and concentrate – let your creative juices flow. Hang on, you could even shut down Facebook for a couple of hours – oh mercy me!


  • Treat Forums with a ‘Pinch of Salt’. Don’t pay too much attention to what gets posted or said in forums – a lot of these people just hang around like stalkers with too much time on their hands and not a lot else


  • To be Sales Funnel Focused – it’s where the big money is. It took me almost 2 years to totally understand that without a sales funnel, you are missing out on SO MANY SALES that they are essential to survival. And if you are not sure what I am talking about, a sales funnel is just a process you send your customers through, a page leading to a page (and then another if needed) with an increased value ‘upsell’ on each, but with increased user value.


Mark Hartfree is an Author, prolific
Blog writer, World Traveller and Online
Entrepreneur who divides his time between
the UK, South America & the Costa Blanca
Coastline in Spain.
His spare time is taken up between his
children and volunteering for local charities.