Top Twitter Tips

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Top Twitter Tips

Ultimately you want to make money with Twitter, and the ultimate goal is to build your business by marketing your products and services through its micro-blogging services and by building up a list of followers.

You are unlikely to make money directly from Twitter. You are more likely to make money indirectly, i.e. people go from Twitter to your website where they then sign up for a list and are sold to so you make the sale.

Twitter is not about marketing directly, it is about a much more indirect, subtle approach to marketing. You can’t market here like you would with a sales or squeeze page. You have to take a slightly more soft and subtle approach and draw people in slowly.

You have to remember that Twitter is first and foremost a social network, but obviously the opportunists never miss a trick and with clever and subtle manipulation Twitter has become an asset and a great marketing tool. As such you market your products here differently to how you would traditionally market a product. So let’s cover some of the best tips and advice to gain the most value from your Twitter account in order to maximize your effectiveness and profit.

  • Firstly, it is important you remain active on Twitter and Tweet daily at a minimum. Make sure all your Tweets are professional in their approach. Try to aim for 80% of Tweets to be related to your niche and 20% to be personal to build yourself up as a “real” person that people can trust and work with.
  • You don’t have to Tweet constantly about your websites or blogs. In fact you should not!Send people to articles you have written, to landing pages and so on. It works well to Tweet a teaser or two about an article and then point people to the article page. Just make sure that this page is monetized in some way and probably also has a way of capturing their email address too!
  • The more informative and entertaining you are when you Tweet, then the more you will find your followers will listen to you and click on your links. You really do need to have a great personality to succeed on a service like Twitter. Let the personality sign through and almost be larger than life and you will find it much easier to market your products and services.
  • If you can tie your Tweets in with current hot and popular topics then you are more likely to get yourself noticed. We call this ‘Piggy Back Marketing’, utilising trending fads and even celebrities to boost our Tweets. Obviously these topics are on people’s radar and they are looking out for information on these subjects even if it is only sub-consciously. Therefore, when you post something on this topic it stands out to them.
  • You can create a squeeze page specifically for your Twitter followers to capture their email addresses. Naturally, you are going to have to offer them something of value in return for their email address. It’s important to make it something of significance or that they need (rather than want), people are getting more and more aware of the ‘email capture page’ and you will usually only have one chance to grab their attention (and email address!).
    You could tie this in with a service such as so that all your new followers are sent a direct message (known as DM in Twitter speak) sending them to this squeeze page.

Using # tag you can easily find out your keyword related tweet in twitter. If your keyword is Marketing Tips then just search with #Marketing Tips. Thus you can easily find you’re the tweet you are interested. Make sure you are using # before your keyword when tweet something. Otherwise you can’t reach the targeted peoples. See bellow image for your easy understanding. Use #tag in various positions for every tweet. You can use #tag at starting, middle and ending of tweet. Just change the position of #tag for every tweet.

Get to know what’s ‘Trending’, these topics grab people’s attention and can even go viral. A ‘Trending’ topic simply means the most talked about topic of the moment. You can find the trends for any locations with a few taps of your Smartphone. Just click on ‘Change’ from your homepage Trends and write your location,then jump on the bandwagon and join the fun.


Follow the Master Tweeters

Following a few of the masters of Twitter and Social Networking give you an understanding of how to tweet better, posts to RT, and inspiration for tweets of your own. Below are ten of the top Twitters we recommend following.


 Or alternatively, go to Twitaholic –to see a full listing of the top users on Twitter based on Followers, which is great for finding and following the top users and learning what they are doing with their account.Tip: Many of the first few hundred people are celebrities on Twitaholic, it’s sometimes better to skip the first page or two.

Above all, if you remember that Twitter is a social network and is about building relationships then you will succeed much quicker with your online marketing. Those who rush into Twitter like a bull in a china shop and expect people to drop everything to buy their products are the ones that fail to make any money from it.

By taking the time to cultivate personal relationships with your followers and to establish yourself as an expert or leader you will be in the position where you are going to be able to make sales and drive traffic to your websites. Marketing with Twitter is entirely possible with consistent revenue achievable if you play by the rules….

Twitter Tools & Add-Ons


One of the most popular plugins that displays Tweets within a sidebar in your browser.

This app makes it easy to post tweets based on current websites that you are browsing. You can easily add notes to the websites that you showcase.


Displays a pop-up notification when new tweets are posted on the Twitter network.


This Firefox extension features all of your friend’s tweets within your sidebar, similar to other Twitter browser plugins.

Taking Notes With Twitter:

This application enables you to jot down notes or ideas that can be made visible only to you or the entire community.

Twitter Directories

Email Twitter:

 This site allows you to post Twitter updates and retrieve your Twitter timeline via your mobile phone or other email enabled devices without incurring SMS fees.

Twitter Snooze:

This application lets you temporarily hit the snooze button on people you are following on Twitter. You can select the length of time you want to stop following specific people.

The Twitter Black List:

An updated directory of Twitter spammers to avoid.


Allows you to manage multiple social network accounts from one Windows application.

Free tool that will provide suggestions on who you should follow based on your current followers and messages:

Twit This

Twitter Badges

Twitter Glossary

External Twitter Management Tool

Twitter Directory


De-follow Tool:



Fire Fox Plugin for Twitter:

WordPress Plugins:

Sidebar Widget:

Twitter Conversation Tracker:

Twitter Trends:


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