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Tweak Your Account For Maximum Results

With Twitter, it all begins with identifying your market and then providing the connection between what your niche market wants with a solid, high quality product of your own, or if you have yet to develop a product, you can create a newsletter so that you can start collecting leads that can be monetized through affiliate offers!

In order to begin marketing your business via the Twitter network you need to first set up and optimize your twitter account. I am going to guide you through the process, step by step so that you can get it up and running quickly, before moving on to the next phase of the process, building a profitable list with twitter.

When creating your twitter account, you want to pay special attention to the username that you use, as it’s not easy to change it later on.

For branding purposes, you might consider setting up a twitter account that encompasses your website URL, your username, your full name or even your company name.

You want people to identify you, and even if you are a new marketer or online business, you can still benefit from the recognition you’ll receive, over time, by linking your twitter account to a name that you are interested in branding.

After you have chosen your username and registered your Twitter account, the very next step is to through your profile page and make a few adjustments.

You want to upload a photo of yourself so that people can easily identify you.

Remember, part of branding is in making sure people recognize you by either a photo, slogan, or visual image. A photo can go a long way in defining a brand so that it’s recognizable and distinguished as your own.It also helps if you use the same image or photo across all your Social Media accounts to maintain the brand image.

Your profile area offers many different customizable elements, including the ability to add your website URL. (You can edit your profile by clicking on “Settings” once you are logged in)

tweaking-your-account-2Here is a quick-start list of a few things you’ll want to make sure to fill out:

Name: This is where you add in your full name or company name.

Username: This will showcase your current username and allow you to change it if you wish. Once again, be careful doing this as your former username will become available for registration.

Your Email Address: This is where all notifications, including Twitter updates and emails alerting you to new followers will be sent. You can choose to disable updates, to prevent excessive system messages.

Your time zone: Adjust this to reflect your current time zone, so that you can identify tweet times.

More Info URL: This is where you will add in your website URL.

Your Bio: A short description of yourself or your company.

Useful Tip:
Use keywords within your bio field that relate to your products, services or market as these keywords, when entered into the Twitter search bar will help other users find you easier, or identify you quicker and more effectively based on their specifications and search criteria.

Think of 4-6 keywords that describe who you are or what you do, and include them, separated by commas in your bio field. This information will also appear on your main profile page.

Your Location: You can choose to include your city, or just your country, if you wish.

Language: Twitter is available in various languages, and you can change the current translation here.

The last option is to protect your updates….


If you activate this option, all of your posts and messages (tweets) will not appear in twitter’s public timeline, and will be visible only to existing contacts and new followers.

I suggest that you do not protect your updates, if you want to broadcast your messages to a wider audience of potential followers.

That’s it! You’ve set up your Twitter account and customized it so that it will attract more attention and begin to represent your business.

If you are interested in customizing your Twitter background image, there are several resources available both for custom twitter backgrounds and pre-made templates to choose from:

Now you are ready to begin growing your twitter following!

Useful Tip:

You should design a landing page exclusively for those coming from Twitter. This will give you the opportunity to personalize their experience and to connect with them on a deeper level.

Greet them as a “Fellow Twitterer” or similar, and offer them something useful and informative based around your niche market.

As with most Social Media Platforms, the best way to monetize your Twitter activity is through “indirect marketing”. Remember, Twitter is primarily, a social network and people frequent the community to learn more about others who share their interests and passions.

They aren’t there looking to buy products or sign up for service offers, so you need to take an indirect route in order to really maximize your income and stand out in the marketplace.So, begin by creating a newsletter focused around your niche topic. Then, set up a simple squeeze page that offers an incentive to those who visit.

This could be a special report, a weekly newsletter or even a full length information product. Your subscribers will receive instant access to your incentive offer once they confirm their requests to subscribe to your list.

The next step is to build relationships with your subscribers, and you do this by following up with additional free content and resources.

You never want to start sending out promotional based offers until you’ve established your footing, and have really done your part in connecting with your audience. People need to trust you, and see you as a viable source for quality information and while this takes time (and patience!), it truly will pay off in the end.

If you aren’t able to create your own content offers, consider using private label content to develop high quality offers for your subscriber base. There are numerous online companies that offer this service – here’s one to get you started….
PLR Content ;

You can then compile a variety of products to form exclusive compilations that offer training and information on topics that are important to your market. You could also use private label articles and even full-length newsletter sequences to quickly power up your mailing list and keep fresh content funnelling to your subscriber base.

Make sure that you include a direct link to your new squeeze page right on your Twitter profile account, and once you’ve established a following, start posting updates on your website so that you can begin directing traffic there.

Also make sure that your email opt-in form appears on every page of your site, and if you really want to save time and money, consider downloading WordPress and creating a niche oriented blog.

Not only are they exceptionally easy to create, but you can schedule content to auto-post on a regular basis, freeing up your time and resources.

Useful Tip: An opt-in box should appear on the side template of your WordPressblog so that it’s visible on every page.You can quickly integrate an opt-in box with a free copy of Code Banter’s “Autoresponder Blog Plugin” available at…

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