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One easy way of automating the list building process with Twitter is by using the services of

With SocialOomph you can send out automatic direct messages to those who begin to follow your updates. These automated messages could include a direct link to your website, blog or better yet – your squeeze page where you offer each Twitter user a free incentive, such as a report, ebook, article content or guide centered/focused on your niche market.

When it comes to using Social Oomph to build your list and initiate first contact with those that follow you, be sure that the product you are offering on your squeeze page is extremely targeted towards your niche market and offers something of value.

You don’t want to give away a product that is already saturated online, such as outdated PLR. Try to offer something original, even if it’s a short report or mini-product, the more exclusive it is to your list, the more likely that your visitors will subscribe to your newsletter.

Just like with every other social community, your marketing campaign needs to be tweaked and offered in a slightly very different format that caters to their desire to network with other like-minded individuals.

This means that you want to make sure your automated Direct Message, as well as every tweet you broadcast is seemingly written for the benefit of the reader, rather than direct advertisements.

Posting entertaining and useful tweets is an important part of successfully building your online business with twitter, however you want to focus on spending your time wisely and ensuring that each tweet is productive in helping you further your brand, right?

This is where twitter link bait comes into play. Rather than posting a link to a direct news story, post a summary of it on your blog and direct people to your page in order to read the message you are broadcasting.

This is a passive aggressive marketing tactic that works very well within twitter, because rather than directly trying to sell to your following base, you are simply posting about something you found interesting, useful or entertaining.

Once you have them on your blog, they’ll likely explore your website and if you’ve done your job of developing relationships with your following base and staying active within the twitter community, it will be a lot easier to convince them to subscribe to your newsletter or purchase your products.

Show people that you are interested in getting to know them, what they are interested in, what they are looking for, without blatantly posting links and sales offers. Focus on giving more than receiving and you will quickly discover just how effective twitter can be in helping you further your brand and building your online business.

By answering questions and providing help, tips or advice on questions that people have, you can establish yourself as a credible source for information within your niche market, quickly and easily.

Here is a quick-start guide to building a following within your niche market, using Twitter:

Internal Search Options:

From the main page of your Twitter account, click on “Find People” from the top navigation menu.


You will have a few choices to locate followers from this area, the first being to use twitter’s build in search utility to locate users based on keywords.


If I were catering to the work at home niche, my average customer would like use words like “make money from home, wahm, work at home, affiliate marketing, etc.”


I can instantly choose to follow those featured within the search results, by clicking on the “Follow” tab.

This is a great way to find people who share the same interests as you, or are likely to be your target audience.

Another way to locate followers is by choosing the second option in your profile area, “Find on Other Networks”.

What this will do is allow you to enter in your email address and password, and Twitter’s system will sort through your contact list, looking for people who are on Twitter. You can search through Gmail contacts, Hotmail, MSN, and even Yahoo.

External Search Options:

An effective method of finding targeted leads within the twitter community is by taking advantage of the free directory available at

From click on the search box from the top navigation system and enter in a primary keyword phrase that describes prospects within your target market (example: work at home, weight loss, etc.)

Another great way to maximize your exposure within the twitter community is by adding your own profile to multiple twitter directories and networks.

One of these is available at where you can assign yourself into existing categories where people can easily find you based on keyword searches.

Automation is the key with managing your time and being able to effectively grow your business online. The more you can set on auto pilot, the more time you have, the more you can focus on the more important aspects of building a successful online business!

So, how can you automate your marketing campaigns on twitter?

Here’s how to do it quickly and easily:

As mentioned before, I use the affordable “automated twitter” service available at SocialOomph (they offer a free trial as well).

Social Oomph will not only give you the opportunity to set up a direct messaging system that will automatically greet everyone who chooses to follow you, but you’ll also be able to create a schedule of future tweets in the event you want your messages to appear at specific times.

In other words, they AUTOMATE the entire process of both building a list with Twitter and keeping your followers up to date!

Load Up and create your free account.

From within your account, click on “Add a New Scheduled Status Update” to begin.


In order to sync your Twitter account with your Social Oomph account, you need to give your Social Oomph account permission to access your Twitter account.

You can connect your two accounts together from within your account area by clicking on “ScheduleNewUpdate”.

SocialOomph also allows you to add multiple twitter accounts to your account, so that you can set up and manage multiple marketing campaigns all from within one interface.

Once you have connected your twitter account to your Social Oomph account, you will be able to create your automatic updates and messages.

These messages will post on Twitter based on the date and time settings you’ve determined. You will also be able to automatically “greet” people who follow you by having Social Oomph send each user a customized welcome message (this is where you will want to include a link to your opt in page):

The next step is to enter in your automated welcome message.


You can then choose to publish the post automatically on Twitter, or to set it as a RSS feed where people who are interested in your updates will be able to browse through a collective directory of all your past and current tweets.

The next step is to set up your automatic “direct message” that will be sent out to everyone who chooses to follow you.

You can do this by clicking on “Direct Messages” from the side navigation menu.

Choose “Schedule New DM” and you can write up the automated message that you want sent out to every person who follows you!

Consider thanking the person for becoming part of your twitter network and then directing them to a free download via your squeeze page.

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