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So What is Pinterest?

Pinterest has become one of the most popular sharing websites in the world, receiving a massive number of visitors each and every day. Its fans are die-hard, and spend a great deal of time pinning new items, organizing their boards, and looking through new content to share. Not only that, but Pinterest has been proven to be one of the highest converting websites in the world as far as converting views into buyers – good news for the entrepreneur.

There used to be a common misconception that believed Pinterest was mostly used by women, but the fact is men make up a large chunk of its users, and they are just as voracious in their consumption of its content as its female users. The site has a good mix of every age range, too. Chances are, your demographic is represented on the site, no matter what your niche is.

The trouble is, most people don’t know how to use the site correctly in order to get traffic. They don’t know how to properly optimize their profile, get followers, or get people to view and re-pin their content.And remember, we should never take for granted the use of social media, using it to our advantage at all times, allowing us to reach people from all around the globe for free. It constantly provides us with all the necessary tools and ergonomics to showcase our interests, passions and even sale items to an insanely wide audience.

In fact, Pinterest is the perfect Social Media platform that allows you to express your thoughts and desires through pictures and images. It’s essentially an image sharing platform where members ‘pin’ images to their own ‘pin board’. This can be anything you want – it can be random things that you just have an interest in and want to share or it can be multiple images relating to a passion you have. As a member you are able to browse subjects and if you discover a board that you’re interested in you then ‘follow’ it in the same way you do on Twitter and you will be notified whenever any new photos are uploaded to the board. You can also leave comments and join in discussions on each of the images that appear on the site, which is highly recommended to gain social interaction.

Because much like Facebook & Twitter before them, Pinterest will continue to enjoy huge growth due to its ease of use and flexibility to showcase your merchandise, with links directly to your sales page or website displaying top quality images twenty four hours a day – what a great potential stream of visitors, a no-brainer from a business perspective.

So, for example, if you run a business which is selling or producing items which will benefit from good quality images such as clothes, photography, accommodation, artwork etc., this is a terrific opportunity to create some boards and advertise your services because your photos are able to have back-links to your own websites product pages (great for SEO purposes). The most beneficial long-term approach from a sales perspective is to ‘pin’ non sales items (or non-business pictures) to begin with to attract a good audience and pique some interest. Only after a while would I advise introducing your business ideas, once a following of ‘likes’ and some social trust has been built.

However, one of the biggest problems, however is that most people don’t understand how to use the site correctly in order to get traffic. They don’t know how to properly optimize their profile, get followers, or get people to view and re-pin their content. So hopefully we can correct that for you in our series of blog posts to help you get the most out of Pinterest, gain more traffic – and ultimately sales.

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